Flash Player Hates Me

Hi everyone,

I’m sure this has been answered numerous times, but when I searched, all I could see were threads about Flash and Firefox hating each other.

I’m running IE 7. In order to see anything or do anything, I apparently need to have the latest Flash Player installed. When I follow the links to the Flash Download site, and I attempt to download, I do not receive the “successful download” graphic or anything. It just kind of… stops. And that’s it.

I’ve tried rebooting to no avail. It’s like I never downloaded it at all. What the beans?

Don’t hate the Player, hate the game.

(Sorry, I just can’t help myself sometimes)

Try going here first:
Download the installer to your computer then run that.

If that doesn’t work, then there might be more info here:

If you can’t find anything there that helps, maybe you can describe in more detail what “just stops”? Is it the download or the installation?

I’ve tried all of the above. I’ve tried uninstalling the old Flash player and downloading and installing the new one manually. I’ve gone into my computer and re-installed and updated manually. I’ve deactivated Norton 360 (which frankly has been more trouble than help) and tried all of the above again. And yet, every time I go to a site that requires Flash, it says I don’t have Flash.

What I mean by “it stops” is, the Adobe site has a little animation that plays (a green barbershop-style bar that works while you’re downloading) and the site says that a “download successful” flash movie or something will play when your download is successful. I go through all the necessary motions (hit “install” and whatnot when the popup appears) and the little barbershop pole starts motoring, and then suddently all that disappears and there is an empty box in its place.

And that’s that. No confirmation that I’ve downloaded/installed successfully. No “sorry, that didn’t work”. Nothing.

I’m at a loss as to what the heck is going on. I thought for awhile that it was the Norton 360 Firewall, but I turned that off and it did no good.


I’ve been having trouble with flash when Quicktime is installed. I remove Quicktime and the flash plays in Firefox. In fact movies that play Quicktime often crash Firefox. I want Firefox to browse with, but don’t want to lose my access to my itunes songs. I’m so feed up with every site having their own required player. Eventualy there is a conflict and everything goes unstable.