Flash Portal Game

Amazing what they can do with Flash these days.

A 2D version of Portal.

From the other thread:

You gotta get yourself on the platform, then make two portals on the floor. Jump from the top of the platform into one and your momentum will carry you out of the other.

Level 15 seems impossible to me. I can get to the second ledge, and in theory I can imagine jumping up to the electric field, but I can’t figure out how I could possibly get to the exit.


Never mind–I didn’t realize I could jump in the game. D’oh!


Can’t get through level 8. I can get the portal up to the top piston, but can’t jump to the top ledge.

ha try level 37… i can do it in my head in theory but cant do it in the game! Once you get high up you will look back and ask youself why you thought those levels where hard haha

Make sure your second portal is way at the bottom and jump into it from as high up as you can get. That should propel you out from the top piston fast enough to clear the platform.

I think the last 5 levels or so aren’t very well ordered in terms of difficulty. Level 36 is near-impossible, but level 40 isn’t that hard at all.

Finally beat it after off and on playing.

36 tons harder than 40.

This is fun. Now I want the real thing.