Flatulence in space

Ok that’s the earthbound question resolved but would flatulence in outer space give you propulsion

Well, bearing in mind that in a vacuum the slighest push will set you moving for ever( barring accidents), you only need to channel a slight bit of propulsion to give you momentum. I wouldn’t plan on reaching anywhere soon though. And how many cans of beans would you need to carry?

There’s also the minor issue of exposing the … ahem… outlet valve to space.
Powers &8^]

I think the term you meant was … ahem… rocket nozzle

Gives “open the hatch” a [w]hole new meaning.

Gentlemen, Be Seated!

Open the pod bay door, Hal.

Excellent idea! Then all you have to do is throw the cans in the opposite direction of where you want to go. Although I don’t see why the cans have to contain beans.

If you are a good petomancer, eating the beans would allow you more fine control of the energy and direction of your “bursts”…

I’ve decided that this is my new pet term for my rear end out hole.

Excuse me, I’ve just jettisoned some gas from my rocket nozzle.

Cool your jets man.

Houston, we may have a problem…

Well, I think we’d have to assume that your anus is straight. If the gases came out at an angle, you would just spin in a circle.

Peeing, on the other hand, could give you a very fine directional control. Well, maybe for guys.

< checks rocket nozzle >

Seems fine, Houston. Shall I let off another burst?

Y’all are aware there was an entire movie based on this premise, right?

(Yes, that’s Harry Potter’s Rupert Grint in the main supporting role. Look also for an uncredited appearance by a young Keira Knightley.)

No matter how sick and twisted the idea you come up with, some sicko has already thought of it. :smiley:

No!, please! noo! its fine!, (gag), you are, clear to launch, (gag)

You seem to be leaking some liquid fuel from your nozzle. Better shart… er… launch immediately, before you kill us all!

I’m afraid I can’t do that, Dave. I still haven’t finished cleaning up from your launch.