Fleece with embedded cat hair. Any magic or nuke it from orbit? solutions?

I picked up a very nice, barely used fleece from the thrift the other day, that was covered in cat hair. I’ve sticky rollered it, and washed and dried it and there is still a bunch of cat hair that is virtually embedded in the fleece.

In fact I’m really kind of puzzled how the hell the cat hair is so embedded in the fleece, even the cat hair that’s not woven in adheres to this thing like glue. Even packing tape will not pull it off. I’m pretty much having to pick it out but hand bit by bit.

Is there a better solution?

I don’t know that this will work, but you could give it a shot. . .
Get yourself one of those silicone oven mitts; I have one that has raised ‘lines’ on it for better grip. I’ve found there’s nothing better in the house (including sticky rollers) for corralling cat hair. I put the mitt on, then start in one corner of the item (usually my rain coat; my cat loves to lay on the fleecy lining of my rain coat!) and ‘stroke’ in just one direction, towards the center. Then I move to another corner, lather-rinse-repeat, until there’s a sizable ball of cat fur just in the center of the item. Then it’s easy to just pluck that one ball of cat fur off and throw it away.

Because your throw has been laundered and such with the cat hair in it, I’m not sure how effective this method would be for you.

Have you used the tape/sticky roller on both the inside and outside? I have this problem with my dog’s hair, and the hairs seem to grab in one direction, like if they’re barbed, so they only want to come out in one direction.

I’m going to try the silicone mitt idea next time I’m doing this.

There was recently a threadon this. I use the tool mentioned here (it’s not called FURR-minator in Japan) and it works very well on removing cat hair from fleece. Yeah, the sticky tape doesn’t really do the job for me either.

The very first thought that came to me was to use a metal comb with wide-spaced teeth to sort of hook through the fleece, get close to the backing / hide, and lift the hairs off.

Or even a regular comb, with every other tooth broken off.

I kept having a mental image of the lice comb we used to deal with Moon Unit’s unwanted visitors a few years back. The larger end has widely-spaced teeth that were useful in sectioning the hair.

Not that you want to go out and spend money on this, it’s just to illustrate what I was thinking.