Flight changed to 24 hours earlier, can this be right?

I booked a hotel and flight with last minute.com and I’m scheduled to fly on the 27th of May – Friday – or so I thought. I just checked the flight on Flight tracker and it says the flight goes on 26th of May – in 8 hours time.

I’m freaking out. The hotel isn’t booked until Friday. While I could pack and be at the airport in time I don’t know if I can trust this information. the airline’s information service is closed.

I only noticed the bit in my email tonight about confirming the flight 72 hours beforehand so this could be my fault.

Advice wanted, quickly.

Apparently you are unaware that the airlines re-use the same flight numbers over and over again for the same route?

You need to specify what day you are leaving in flight tracker.:smack:

Ah, well, that’s what I just found out from a couple of people on facebook too. Well nothing like getting packed early!

For future reference: someone booking a flight should get, somewhere in their ticket purchase confirmation, a “locator code” - a series of six characters (all capital letters or sometimes mixed with numbers) - that can then be used to look up the reservation at the airline’s website (to confirm it’s indeed still on) before using flight tracker to verify departure times.

I was having a probelm with the airline’s website as the only way I could find to get the information was to log on and it wasn’t accepting my email and the code. I shall phone them in the morning (UK).