Flight Of The Navigator, ever wonder? SPOILERS

Ok so our protag is grabbed by the drone ship in 78’, returned in 86’ because humans are too delicate for time travel. After being returned the ship accidentally runs into power lines while looking at flowers, and gets its hard drive fried.

Now it has to wait on our protag to find it, good thing his mind has been radically altered to the point he is outputting binary code via radio wave. He also has all the alien data in his brain.

So…I guess the aliens must have been doing some extremely creepy non-voluntary medical stuff to him much worse than the NASA creeps do when he returns. Odd to think about.

Why alter the kid and put all that data in his brain? Was he intended to be a ambassador or something for the aliens, before the ships hard drive got fried.

Overthinking a childhood fav.:smiley:


It’s got a wild ride with Peewee Herman; that’s all I need to know about it.

The movie explicitly mentions this.

Taken from: http://www.script-o-rama.com/movie_scripts/f/flight-of-the-navigator-script.html