Flight Sim 2002 Question

Where do you get fuel?

I’m in the LearJet. And would like to make a number of different stops.

After I land, ATC or the tower directs me to a terminal and well… nothing. There I sit, … with plans of a new city, and flight plan in my head…But with out the ability to request fuel, or file a new plan.

A quick help here would be much appreciated. The help that came with the game is a joke.

It’s been a while since I played it. In older versions, there used to be a yellow square with an F in it. You parked there and your tanks were topped off. I haven’t seen those in a while so I suppose it was phased out before FS2002. I always park, shut down the engines, then go to the Settings pulldown and to the Fuel & Payload menu and top it off there. I suppose that’s not as fun, though.