Any MS Flight Simulator pilots out there?

I’ve got MSFS 2002, and just recently I’ve been playing around with it a lot. It can be quite addictive once you get into it.

I’ve done some of the preset commercial flights, where you start at the gate. ATC guides you through the flight levels and headings. They take you all the way to the ILS approach at the destination airport.

My question is, how can I setup my own flight in the same manner? If I create my own flight, I start already on the runway. Also, ATC doesn’t seem to be aware of the flight plan. Is there a way to create a custom flight starting from the terminal, with ATC guiding me throughout the route?

First of all, I stopped playing back with MFS 2000 or so, so this could all be inaccurate, but IIRC:

What you can do is program what is called an Adventure or something similar with a few available development programs, I believe. Basically, you have to program in every single ATC instruction, etc. The ATC in the preset commercial flights is a bit contrived, it doesn’t have the real intelligence of real ATC, nor can you generate the same level of ATC for flights without actually typing in all of the commands.

Making up your own flights knowing that you programed in all of the ATC traffic isn’t going to be nearly as fun an one that somebody else has done.

Thanks threemae. Programming in all of the ATC traffic definately would make the flight experience less fun.

On a related topic, do you know if MFS 2004 is worth the upgrade? From what I understand it mostly has just some new aircraft and improved weather effects.

MFS 2004 also has improved ATC, allegedly. It might take care of your issues. I haven’t actually played it, though, so I’m just repeating the MS marketing line.