Flight Sim Players: Tried Playing This One Yet?


This guy claims his game is much better than the Microsoft version, and I’d like to give it a try, but wanted to check in here first.

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I have no personal experience with the software; I just check out the website and tried to search for some reviews on the site.

There’s no demo on the site.

I can’t find a review for it on the usual game sites, and it is rather expensive. There are some youtube and online reviews but they read like plants.

BTW, found this answer at Yahoo Answer. Looks like you can get a stripped down version for free, and try it the engine before paying for extra content.

ETA: Here’s the full scoop. It is based on an OpenSource engine called FlightGear. Information here.

If that FAQ is correct, “based on” seems to be a bit of an understatement.

I found out the same info when I was trying to itch my flight sim itch last week.

FSX is available (finally!) from the games for windows website. Flight is coming later this year, and X-plane is a good investment for $30. Rise of Flight and IL2 rounded up what I could get my hands on. I’d stick with one of these at elast until Flight arrives and we cna see how sim-my/arcade-y it turns out to be.

Agreed on Rise of Flight, which is a) gorgeous and b) a lot of fun (because WWI planes aren’t so switch-flippy). On the complete opposite side of the aisle, Eagle Dynamic’s Digital Combat Simulator’s A-10C module just came out of beta, and it is amazing. Maybe not for you if you’re a prop person, but for “flight sims” in general it’s a better buy than this little scamlet. And X-Plane has really, really come into its own recently. Plus, designing your own airplanes!

Did some reading on ProFlight Sim, and I’m not liking the comments written by players, especially the one where they don’t seem to be honoring that 60-day guarantee. I know one can dispute the purchase if a credit card is used, but still, I’d like a little more assurance.

I did download the free FlightGear sim, but found it a little tough to um, navigate. :slight_smile: I’ve played earlier FS (Microsoft) before, and their tutorial is much better.

For this reason, I think I’m gonna go with FS X and get a used copy from Amazon.

Thanks for the advice!


I haven’t played the game in the original post but I thought i’d plug the combat flight sims i’ve been playing lately. DCS Black Shark is a couple years old but it has been a lot of fun flying the Ka-50 helicopter. The company also just released DCS A-10C Warthog so now you can play everyone’s favourite tank-killer. Both games are incredibly immersive!

You know what I don’t understand? Why there aren’t flight simulators for PS3 that can take a USB joystick. What the fuck? I’d rather play a flight sim on my 42 inch HDTV than my 22 inch monitor.

DCS: A-10C Warthog Is on Direct2Drive BTW. I think I might pick it up.

Agreed or XBO360?! I got my Flight Sim X Deluxe today (With Acceleration disc) and apparently didn’t read the fine print. It is used and the seller informed everyone that the product key may not work - and it doesn’t - but isn’t that just if you want to play online?

Everything loaded just fine although I’m gonna have to spring for a joystick because I can’t take off in my Ultralight trike because I can’t pull back on the stick at 30mph using just the keyboard and I keep crashing.

Are there any you would recommend?



Check the key commands. I believe there’s ways to make commands for faster or slower control movements, which make things a lot more do-able. But really, high realism flight sims like this really beg to have a joystick, ideally with a throttle control and some sort of rudder control (ideally, but not necessarily pedals).

If you’ve got a used computer place in town, sometimes you can get great deals on older higher end joysticks, which will likely end up a better option than buying a total el cheapo stick. I picked up a great older Saitek stick and throttle that would have originally gone for several hundred bucks for $15 at my local compu scrap yard. So long as you’re not looking at force-feedback sticks, it’s not like the joysticks are really going obsolete-- as long as they’re new enough to be USB they should be fine. You could also buy a used stick online, although I’d be a little more wary of that since you can’t make sure everything moves smoothly and it isn’t totally gross.

Hey Jack (notice I didn’t say “Hi, Jack!”. Never do that on a crowded plane!:))

Thanks for your help. I discovered I have a mouse yoke and can pull back on the stick that way. :rolleyes:

I’m having some issues with an activation key (that I don’t have) and as soon as this is resolved I’ll check into getting a stick for the game using your suggestions.

Man, I checked into FS Insider, and found some guys who’ve built a whole simulator down in their basement and have everything but the damn real airplane!
Wheel, yoke, pedals, throttle, multi monitors! That’s gotta be awesome!

Thanks again!


Please dont play flight sims with your mouse! I’m onl half joking. There’s a ton of affordable ones on sale at various retailers. I got my cyborg X for $39 at best buy. Try new egg or tiger direct or amazon.

As for why not on console? Because your average console gamers wouldn’t be interested. Te people who are going to be interested in good flight simulators are all about PC because it’s an open platform and they can do stuff like build a f’ing cockpit in their basements :wink:

Also larger screen is not always better. My 27 monitor looks better from 2 feet than most 50 inch TVs do from that same distance or at 10 feet away.

If you want to really be immersed in a flight simulator, and have some bucks to spend, get yourself a triple monitor setup. The biggest issue I always had with flight simulators was that I don’t like only having a front window to look out of. I fly real planes, and you get so used to swiveling your head around to maintain situational awareness that a flight sim on a single monitor always feels like you’re looking through a periscope.

I bought a Radeon triple-head graphics card, and ordered two Dell 23" widescreen monitors to go with my 24" center monitor. I angle the side monitors at about 30 degrees from the main one and set up flight sim to show the side windows in the outer monitors. It’s amazing. Much more immersive.

Racing games are also much better, because you can see the cars coming up beside you and look into the turns better.

If you’ve already got a dual monitor setup, just get a third monitor with DisplayPort (at least one monitor has to be DisplayPort for the ATI setup), and you’re off to the races. Or airways.

The new graphics card technology is amazing. The high end Radeons can do up to nine monitors at once.

Here’s a video of [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3jpG3rv4zI]Flight Sim X* on eight monitors. Pretty damned cool. Unfortunately, that’s not my setup.

Very impressive, but I’m afraid that buying the Radeon and the other 2 monitors would break the 'modem bank. :slight_smile:

Sam, do you use any of the passengers add ons and if so which one or which one do you think is the best?

I had downloaded the FS Passenger for X but it seems laden with so many problems that even though it’s free and only 3 departure airports I’d be willing to spend a little on something that wasn’t going to give me a headache trying to run it.

Also, would you happen to know if one doesn’t have an activation key you can’t load any add-ons?



I don’t know - I actually haven’t played with the add-ons. I’ve been happy just practicing instrument approaches and that sort of thing. Or re-flying actual trips I made years ago that were particularly memorable. I don’t even fly the jets - I mostly tool along in a Mooney or something like that.

sam have you tried Tried Track Ir, I have used it with Aces High, Rise of Flight and Il-2 and it really helps with situational awarenes, as does the matrox tripple screen system you mention. Games like the new DCS A-10 are perfect candidates for it aswell.

link to track IR