Flint Lead poisoning.

This is disgraceful. Is there a convincing argument that Rick Snyder and his appointees are not to blame for this avoidable tragedy?

My biggest concern is that, like the economic meltdown of 2008, no one will serve significant time for this and people will rightly assume that they can play fast and loose with the lives and health of children as long as they are poor children.

You might want to re-check that link.

What exactly do you think that Rick Snyder had to do with Obama gaining support from people who had previously supported Clinton back in 2008, and why do you call it an “avoidable tragedy”? :dubious::stuck_out_tongue:

I agree this is a major clusterfreak that someone needs to be punished for. We’ve also had a couple threads on this topic: MPSIMS & GD you may be interested in reading.

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The reason I call it an avoidable tragedy is because it could have been avoided for $100/day in additives that would have prevented the leaching of lead into the water.

I call it avoidable because it could have been avoided by not pinching literally pennies per resident/day and keep getting water from the great lakes.

I call it avoidable because at least some of the damage could have been mitigated if the government responded to proof that there was lead in the water

No, it was not “avoidable”. this e-mail, if it is correct:
From: Sue McCormick [mailto:mccormick@dwsd.org]
Sent: Monday, April 15, 2013 6:20 PM
To: Fausone, Jim
Cc: William Wolfson; billjohnson
Subject: Fwd: KWA and City of Flint
Gentlemen,The cliffnotes version: Proposal offers a today rate of water for Flint/Genesee of $10.46 as compared to $20.00 paid currently per Mcf – 48% less that could be realized nearly imediately and even more when compared to the increases coming with KWA.
When compared over the 30 year horizon the DWSD proposal saves $800 million dollars or said differently – saves 20% over the KWA proposal.
Sue F. McCormick, Director
Detroit Water and Sewerage Department
735 Randolph, Room 506
Detroit, Michigan 48226

indicates that the Flint water crisis was not a mistake due to trying to save money. Detroit offered Flint a better deal on the water contract than the one that was chosen, but the emergency financial manager just blew it off.

This was not an “oops”, this points to fucking malfeasance. It was not avoidable because Rick Snyder is/was warming his ass in Lansing. If we dig deeper, we will almost certainly find graft, kickbacks, payoffs and all that other good candy.

or the e-mail could just be made a up smear

Dude, I was goofin’ on your link goof.

For sure, the situation re: Flint’s water supply was not only an avoidable tragedy, it seems to be pretty much a deliberate tragedy.

The real tragedy is that the Flint City Government did not mandate that the lead water lines be replaced 30 or 40 years ago.

Yep those poor people should have just dug deeper into their pockets and pulled out some more cash for infrastructure improvements. Next lets blame them for not working hard enough and making more money.

At this point anyone that has the extra cash to do major work on their property has already bailed on Flint. Rather than paying money to upgrade anything they can sell of their property to someone even poorer and move to a better city with better infrastructure.

BTW, the Clinton and Sanders campaigns and DNC have agreed to add to the number of scheduled Dem presidential debates – and one of them, in March, will be in Flint.

Oh, what they’ll both do with that!

Y’know, this would be a good time for Michael Moore to make a sequel to Roger & Me, which was all about the immediate effects on Flint people of auto-industry layoffs. It would be a chance for him to cast his camera-focus both wider and deeper.

This is what happens when politicians run government like a business: If the customers have nothing to offer, they get nothing. You expect clean water? Go live some place that has money, you fucking hobos!

Shit, what’s next? Black Cross Volunteers handing out free Ebola samples?

The lead in the pipes was not the problem for the last 30 or 40 years. The river water that they switched to was more acidic than the Detroit water, which caused the lead to leech into the water. Fixing the pipes could just make the problem worse.

I for one am sick of all this blatant hobophobia.

This. There are plenty of other municipalities that still have lead pipes in their water system, typically for connecting the water main under the street to the homes. Grand Rapids has 17,000 of them. Ann Arbor still has over 100 lead “goosenecks,” 2-foot connectors between the street and the non-lead supply pipes for houses. A protective patina forms on the interior surface of the lead pipe, and as long as the water chemistry is properly managed, that patina prevents the lead from contaminating the water. Cities are replacing lead plumbing components when it’s convenient, i.e. when a section of a street is already being dug up for some other reason, but to suggest that (for example) Grand Rapids ought to fund the preemptive replacement of 17,000 supply lines throughout the city would be fiscally irresponsible. If each dig costs $20,000, then altogether that’s over $300M. It’s much, much cheaper to keep the water lead-free by just managing the water chemistry, which you’ll be doing anyway so you don’t fuck up the rest of the pipe materials.

Holy shit; what a shocker: inscrutable mouths off without knowing what the fuck he’s talking about! And he did it in such a way as to try and deflect blame from the rich and powerful onto the poor and downtrodden! Who’da thunk it?

Right, stating that lead pipes should have been replaced is truly outrageous.
How exactly did I “deflect blame from the rich and powerful onto the poor and downtrodden”?

But congratulations on tagging the “poor and downtrodden” residents as victims, in accord with the Liberal play book.

I am just waiting to see who gets the blame, who gets thrown under the bus, and who gets to just move on as if it wasn’t their fault to begin with.

OMFG My head is going to explode. I am starting to lose my faith in humanity.