Flooding Down In Texas, SRV statue in Austin...

Not sure where to post this but…here it is.

Stevie Ray’s statue in Austin

Another view.

Edit to add, (for those that don’t know) “Floodin’ Down In Texas” was a big SRV song.

The album and single were called “Texas Flood”. The song was a remake, btw.

I’m sure if he’s looking down he’d enjoy that picture.

Makes me think of this Airplane 2 Shatner line…

Yeah, thanks for the correction, I was going off the lyrics but you are right.


Sorry for Austin’s troubles, but I agree about the pic making SRV smile … it did me.

From songfact.com ~This song was written and originally recorded by Arkansas Bluesman Larry Davis in 1958.

The album Texas Flood catapulted Vaughan to international fame. Previously, he had a following in Texas and was known for his guitar work on David Bowie’s album Let’s Dance, where he was featured on cuts “Let’s Dance” and “China Girl.”

The words “Texas Flood” are never actually used in the lyrics. The closest the song comes is in the first verse: “it’s floodin’ down in Texas.” ~

IMO there’s no one better when it comes to playing deep soul-stirrin’ Texas blues. They inducted him into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last April. That would also make him smile …

Dang, takes your breath away … poor Austin.

Without making light of the actual flooding, that is totally cool.
(The original Texas Flood: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boulE-ihcoY )

Stevie was the best.

That was a Larry Davis song.