Just flipping channels, half watching the TV window and half reading the Dope, and I hear a few notes of “Love Struck Baby”. Uh-oh. I’ll be here for the duration. Austin City Limits is re-running Stevie Ray Vaughan’s appearance, with some commentary I don’t remember from before - band members and some others, I think.

Vaughan is one of those musicians that just makes me move - sitting, walking around the house, driving - I simply can’t be still when that music is going. He’s one that I’ll always be sorry I didn’t see in person.

Now, with all that said, I’ll admit that I don’t know the genre very well. Who compares in style and skill? Since I can’t get any more Stevie, who would the Doper cognoscenti recommend?


The SRV on ACL show isgreat. I’ve seen it a ridiculous amount of times.

Hard to say what else you’d like as SRV was in a class all by himself. A lot of people will tell you that he captured a lot of the magic and innovation that Hendrix did some 15-20 years earlier.

That said, I can recommend a few things. Kenny Wayne Sheppard is, to some extent, carrying on the torch that Stevie Ray carried. He plays a similar style of Texas blues-rock. Also, check out Eric Johnson, a great guitarist (also from Texas) who can play some excellent stuff. Many SRV fans also like Jeff Beck, though I confess to not being too familiar with his work. Finally, give a listen to Joe Satirani’s self-titled album. It’s much more live-sounding and blues-based than his other albums, so even if you’re not crazy about “shred” it just might be up your alley.

All the above, like SRV, are masters and each brings his unique touch to their music. You’ll have to check eachout to see which “moves you” as you say.