What Blues Players Are Similar To Stevie Ray Vaughn?

I think Stevie Ray was one of the most talented bluesmen that ever lived. I am asking Multivac here if there are other players I am unaware of that are comparable to Stevie’s level of virtuosity, of which I think an important component is speed.

Stevie managed that threshold where speed somehow didn’t compromise feel. And then there’s the dude’s tone. And his sustain and bluesy screechiness.

So…is there anyone of any blues generation really comparable to the style and ability of Stevie Ray’s? I want to be awed. I need distraction due to an impending divorce.

I’m thinking Buddy Guy at this point. I really like the blues, but there are variants that I find extremely boring if it gets too repetitive or if there are too many one-note bends and a lack of variation. Which explains the appeal to me of Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Have you tried Jimmy Vaughan?

Also, you might try popping SRV’s name into Pandora and see what floats to the top

I haven’t really listened to Jimmy much, my impression is that he kinda always took second seat to his brother in terms of people judging talent (I agree). But my exposure to Jimmy is limited to the Fabulous Thunderbirds and the songs like “Tick Tock People” that he did in collaboration with Stevie on their “Brothers” album or whatever its called.

Ever listened to any Kenny Wayne Shepherd?

Leafing through my blues albums, Johnny Winter and Lonnie Mack both strike me as having similarities to the late great SRV.

There’s a guy named Tinsley Ellis who I think has a sound similar to SRV.

Husband suggests Johnny A and seconds Kenny Wayne Shepherd.

Johnny Lang.

Yep. And given your criteria check out John Mayer’s bluesy stuff. He’s a great SRV-ist.

Srv was heavily influenced by albert king, Freddie king, t-bone walker and Jimi Hendrix. None were into speed - And actually,fwiw neither was SRV, but the taste of each was, well, tasty.

YouTube those guys and get back with impressions.

Yeah, KWS was always written off as an SRV wannabe but all these years later I’m much more likely to pull out one of my KWS albums.
(Early) Ian Moore. One of my favorites.
Gary Moore. (RIP) His blues albums are spectacular.
Walter Trout. A little too wheedly-deedily for me but he can really play.
Tommy Castro.
Coco Montoya
ETA: How could I forget Joe Bonnamossa?! The best of the bunch, IMHO.

“Stevie’s level of virtuosity, of which I think an important component is speed.”

Rereading the OP…check out Walter Trout. He can cram in a LOT of notes. If it’s fast you’re looking for, he may be the best.

Jeff Healey.
Colin James.
Robert Cray.

How about Rory Gallagher?

Chris Duarte

Thirded, it was the first person that came to mind when I saw the thread title.

Gary Clark Jr. is a great guitarist. He used to play a weekly show at The Continental Club in Austin. Should maybe hold some cachet for the fact that SRV used to play there as well.

Saw him live a couple times, he is good! Talked to him once after a show, seemed like a down to earth type.

You may also like Warren Haynes/Government Mule and Derek Trucks Band.

Old Robin Trower may also fill the bill but is more like Hendrix than SRV.

Henry Garza of Los Lonely Boys displays a fair amount of SRV influence:

Crazy Dream

Velvet Sky