Flooding question

OK, It barely qualifies as flooding… Here’s the situation. This morning after the thaw/rain, some water got into my kitchen (I live in a garden unit) - a drain outside had gotten clogged. I fixed the drain, mopped up the water, dried the rest with towels. However, the water was tending to head towards my kitchen cabinet, so there’s undoubtably some back there still. It never was at the point of being standing water - imagine a sink over flowing for a couple of minutes onto the kitchen floor and I think you’d have a good approximation of the water amounts.

It’s very difficult to get back there - very thin areas to manage. With the relatively small amount of water, will I be OK if I just run a dehumidifier in the kitchen for a day or two? Or do I need to take more drastic steps? The flooring under the cabinets is tile, BTW.

Depending on the type of water and as long as any organic materials ( i.e. wood, drywall paper, etc.) are allowed to dry out completely, you should be fine.

Make sure to ventilate the area well, a dehumidifier may help as well.

Afterwards, check the affected areas periodically, for signs of mould, bacteria growth, etc…