Water, Water Everywhere--Inside My Condo

Heavy rains have forced water underneath an exterior wooden panel.
Water is entering my condo through the wall!

Buckets in place, de-humidifier & fan running.

Condo laundry room & storage area has minor flooding.

Extra “hoo”.

Is the water coming in at the foundation level?

Yikes, dude. Water problems are the WORST. Coming in through the wall???

Good luck with that. This could be the beginning of a whole new path in life for you (seriously, my best friends have been fighting about water with the previous owners, realtors, waterproofing companies, the city and now the county going on 9 years now).

Let us know how this works out. I have a similar problem but it’s a slow drip after days or rain or snowmelt, yours is probably worse. Maintenance are dicks about it so I’m trying to figure out the best way to approach.

I hope you have good insurance to help you with this, it could get costly to repair water damage. I’m sorry for your troubles.

But not a drop to drink?

No, as stated, over the top of the door.

**UPDATE–temporary session of the rain. Fans & dehumidifier worked wonders.

But rain all week, except Thursday.

And maybe Thursday.**:frowning:

Many people can procrastinate or ignore all sorts of things, I can attest that flooding is not one of them. It sort of demands ones attention.