Is it possible for a wall to leak like this?

We just had the mother father and great-aunt of all short downpours. Lasted about 15 minutes, during which time probably about 20mm of rain fell. We got caught out in it, and in a journey of about 5 minutes got drenched enough that we were all literally dripping all over the floor when we came in. We (four of us) went straight upstairs and changed our clothes, then I came downstairs and started mopping all the water off the floor.

Here’s where the fun starts. Just for giggles, I measured how much water I was mopping up. I got to three and a half litres :eek:. And that’s not counting what ran under furniture and such since the floor isn’t completely level, or what was soaked up by the doormats. In American measures, that’s the best part of a gallon.

Now, ok, we were dripping, but I just don’t think it’s possible for our wet clothes to deposit *that *much water in the 10 metre journey from the back door to the stairs. As I mentioned, the floor isn’t completely level, so it’s not 100 percent easy to see, from where it pools, where it came from. Some has obviously blown in through the (closed!) sliding door. But the other really suspicious place is somewhere I wouldn’t have thought of as a possible leak candidate.

It’s at the bottom of an internal wall. It forms a sort of archway between the living room and the kitchen and there was a large (a REALLY large) pool of water just there. But I can’t see any evidence of water running down the wall, and there’s a corresponding wall upstairs where I can’t see any evidence of wetness either. There’s a flat roof up top, but I can’t get up there.

Is it possible a couple of litres of water could have come down the inside of this wall, without leaving any particular evidence (except the puddle at the bottom)? Do we need to get this checked out (or at least call the landlords)?

I think it would be hard to determine if it is not raining. The next rain you get I’d keep an eye on the area in question. If water starts to appear call the landlord.

Yes it’s possible for water to run down an interior wall and not see it. I had water back up on a 1 story extension (at the roof line) and it flowed down into the basement through a wall.