Florida ballot measures 2012

There will be eleven proposed constitutional amendments on the Florida ballot this year. None were placed on the ballot by petition drives; all were sponsored by Republican state legislators (the Pubs control both houses, and the governorship). They have not gotten much publicity. From Ballotpedia – click an amendment’s individual link for more info:

Amendment 1 Health care Prevents penalties for not purchasing health care coverage in order to comply with federal health care reforms

Amendment 2 Taxes Allows for property tax discounts for disabled veterans

Amendment 3 State budgets Replaces existing revenue limits with a new limitation based on inflation and population changes

Amendment 4 Taxes Amends commercial and non-homestead property taxes

Amendment 5 Judicial reform Gives the Legislature increased control over the judicial branch.

Amendment 6 Abortion Prohibits public funds for abortions

Amendment 8 Religion Repeals ban of public dollars for religious funding

Amendment 9 Taxes Authorizes the legislature to totally or partially exempt surviving spouses of military veterans or first responders who died in the line of duty from paying property taxes

Amendment 10 Taxes Provides an exemption from ad valorem taxes levied by local governments on tangible personal property that’s value is greater than $25,000 but less than $50,000

Amendment 11 Taxes Authorizes counties and municipalities to offer additional tax exemptions on homes of low-income seniors.

Amendment 12 Government Administration Revises selection process for student member of Board of Governors of State University System

If you live in Florida, I advise voting “NO” on all. 1 is a laughable and unconstitutional attempt to do an end-run around federal law. 5 threatens the separation of powers and the independence of the judiciary. 6 and 8 – 'nuff said. 12 is simply unnecessary. The rest are all about taxes, and Florida cannot afford any revenue cuts.


No on everything, all this crap is crazy.

1 is nothing more than a bit of grandstanding. Even its sponsors know it’s unconstitutional. I’d vote against it just to keep the state from spending the AG’s funds on another pointless lawsuit.

5 is really worrying because it effectively spells the end of the state’s independent judiciary.

Amendments 6 and 8 are virtually identical to initiatives voted down last time.

I’ve already voted. My votes were consistent across the board on all of those. Any guesses what this old hippie marked on his ballot?

(Hint: “N” is the first letter of a very short word.)

I voted “No” on all. 1 is just a silly symbolic vote against the ACA. Most of the others I voted against under the general principal that ballot measures shouldn’t be used to set taxing or budget policy.

That’s generally my default position on ballot initiatives. However, this year in CA we had the opportunity to vote to abolish the Death Penalty. I think I voted no on everything else, though.

Amendment 1 isn’t solely symbolic. Federal laws are often enforced with state help and I think it’s good for Florida to join other states that have reminded the feds that they are on their own when it comes to enforcing the health care law.

I voted no on almost all of them for a mixture of Brain’s and your guy’s reasons. I voted for 10 because I don’t plan on being in Florida long enough to reap benefits from greater investment in Florida long enough to counter the immediate benefit of my reduced taxes.

Name change, or really unsubtle sock?

I’d support number five. Presumably they have ulterior motives for supporting it (namely, that judges will need to rely on advertising revenue to win and thus must court conservatives). However, I can support any measure that reduces private concentrations of power and increases the power of the populace.

Just a dress up. Too long a name to be permanent although I do like it.

A1 - No - It’s stupid and will waste tax dollars.
A2 - No - it won’t cost much, but dammit we can’t afford much.
A3 - No. It’s a damn stupid idea.
A4 - NO! Conservatively it would cost local gov a HUGE portion of their tax money. If it passes I’m going to start robbing rich people’s houses. There won’t be enough cops left to stop me.
A5 - No. Although the 'Pubs are end-running this one anyway by funding anti-incumbent judicial campaigns for the first time in Florida’s history. Eventually this state is going to flip back to Dem and I hope (but don’t expect) the Dems have the balls to fuck the GOP in the ass.
A6 - Whatever man. Already governed by Federal law, but you “fiscal conservatives” want to waste more of my tax money beating a dead horse. I voted no, but I’ll lose.
A8 - Not just no, but HELL NO! The religious schools want state dollars, but then insist on their 1st amendment rights when it comes to state standards. Fuck them. What part of “render unto Caesar” do you not understand?
A9 - Hmmm…honestly the one I voted yes on. It’s a bad idea in that it opens up a loophole and that’s a line that can’t be uncrossed. But damn, just couldn’t vote against it.
A10 - Why? What the fuck problem is this solving? Trickle-down writ small.
A11 - No. You’re (low income seniors) the same damn people that demand that “the government” live within its budget. Can’t afford the taxes? Sell the house. No free rides here.
A12 - No - just on general principles. They’ve been mad about the BoG thing since we passed it.

:confused: Why is that the sort of thing Pubs would get mad about?

Not Republicans specifically, Legislators (although they’ve controlled the Legislature long enough that the two terms are practically synonymous in Florida these days). The original BoG amendment took a lot of control away from the Legislature.

BTW, Amendment 5 is not the only Republican threat to the independence of the Florida judiciary on next Tuesday’s ballot; the Pubs are mounting a campaign to unseat three purportedly liberal/activist justices of the Florida Supreme Court – see here.

All amendments failed but 2, 9 and 11. (All of which have “veterans” or “seniors” in them, so it’s understandable.)

[does restrained, decorous happy-dance]