Florida Dopers: need employment suggestions for a young friend

The son of a friend graduated high school this spring and recently moved to Fla after our friend kicked him out. Anybody know good places of employment in Ocala for a young man with six months grocery store experience? We’ve already suggested USPS, Pilot, K-Mart, and Sears.

How about enlisting?

Why did they kick him out?

My son is making pretty good (for him, at least) money working as a server at Sonny’s. I would suggest a restaurant job…he’ll make more money than as a bag boy at a grocery store.

Publix and Target.

Working for the mouse has always been a great experience for everyone i’ve talked too.

Thanks for the suggestions so far. Please note, he doesn’t drive so any prospective employment would have to be as close to Ocala as possible or otherwise easy to access without personal transportation.

Long history of making too much noise when he came home late. It was either she kick him out or they all get evicted.

Don’t think he would fit in.

There’s a Walgreens in Ocala. I’ve met plenty of Assistant Managers who started out at age 16 or 17 as a service clerk.

You apply online at Walgreens.com, then you go in to the store and talk to the store manager (the Big Kahuna) and make sure he knows of your interest. Then you check back every few weeks or so.

Not sure he can.

Have him contact the nearest temp agency that has tons of manufacturing jobs. These pay better than retail jobs, with none of those pesky customers to worry about. Plus, if you have half a brain, you’ll probably get hired permanently after 6 months or so, and opportunities for advancement are there.

No computer access, or doesn’t know how?

If it’s a question of access, public libraries usually provide computers for this type of thing. If he wants to support himself but can’t support a computer yet, he should definitely become familiar with this service. Libaries will also have other good job searching-resources.

He may also do well to contact a job link center such as http://www.brevardjoblink.org/

If has worked in grocery stores before, going back to grocery stores is an obvious choice, especially assuming he left the last one on reasonable terms.

If it’s a question of access, every Walgreens has a computer in the back “Training Room” that they will be more than happy to let him use to apply for a job.

Thanks for the help but he’s decided to take the job offer he had up here. We’re going to take him in for a month or two, at which point he’ll probably move in with another friend who’s been looking for a roomie.

Oh, he knows how. I suspect another reason he was kicked out because he messed up his mom’s computer with viruses and crap.

Damn. Apparently the “friend” turned out to be a regular Eddie Haskell-type asshole and stole about $500 worth of DVDs and Playstation games from us.