Florida life support case, who is paying the medical bills?

Sure it’s a crass question, so crass my local media haven’t reported on the answer.

This is the case where the woman has been in a coma since 1990, and the professionals say there’s no point to it, and the husband has told them she never wanted this type of unnatural existence and asked them to remove the feeding tubes, but she made no ‘living will’ in writing. And her family wants her kept alive.

We know a week in the hospital is $#!**! expensive. And the resources dedicated to this one woman may have left others with fewer resources available, at times over the thirteen years.

So, are the taxpayers carrying this? or her insurance company? or the hospital? or is hubby covering the deductible, or is her family?

I heard that her family offered to pay to keep her alive since the husband doesn’t wish to. I’m guessing the insurance company is paying the bill, but only up to the allowed maximum. After that I’ve got no clue, maybe donations or some sort of charity fund?