Florida medical marijuana ballot initiative 2014

Florida Right to Medical Marijuana Initiative (2014)

Enough petition signatures have been collected to put it on the ballot.

However, Florida AG Pam Bondi is still fighting to keep it off the ballot.

Fingers crossed. Not because I think it’s an efficacious therapy (I have no idea), but because there’s no reason not to allow it.

The Supreme Court approved the ballot measure. On to November.

I’m thinking a lot of conservative retirees might vote for this just because they need it.

The quotes in that story from people opposed to MM are hilarious.

Well, it’s true that John Morgan is Charlie Crist’s boss. This seems like a really inefficient way of getting Crist voters to the polls though.

There’s a minor CT making the rounds that Tampa attorney John Morgan circulated this ballot petition solely to pump up turnout for the Democrats in November.

I dunno. But FWIW, incumbent Republican Governor Rick Scott has said he’ll vote against the measure, and challenger Democrat (this time around) and ex-Gov Charlie Crist says he’ll vote for it.

That was alluded to in the article you linked to and I specifically responded to it above. :wink: Morgan lives and works in Orlando, by the way. He has offices in Tampa and like 20 other places.

We managed to get Florida to go for Obama, this should be a piece of cake.

I don’t have strong feelings about MM either way, but my impression of Florida voters is that this initiative sounds like an extreme longshot for passage. I can’t imagine my grandparents in Fr. Myers voting for it if they were still alive.

Fortunately, the outcome of the vote won’t depend on the views of dead people. :wink: This is a much more purple state than the views of voters in Fort Myers or Jacksonville would suggest.

I guess I think of him as a Tampa boy because his advertising is all over the place 'round here.

Since he has offices in Tampa and Orlando, maybe he should change his slogan to “I-4 the People”. :cool:


Well, if my 91 year-old Floridian grandmother’s knowledge on the subject is any indication, it’s got a ways to go…

Recent conversation:
G: “Did you hear about the actor who just died…overdosed on marijuana?”
Me: “You mean heroin, Grandma?”
G: “Right…,heroin, whatever…”

Drugs is drugs.

“You sure it wasn’t (insert name of one of her drugs here)?”

Do this EVERY TIME she throws something like that out there.

I did tell her about the dramatic rise in prescription drug overdoses, which I think she grasped.

Not meaning to disparage her…she’s always been pretty sharp; this is a recent development. I don’t know if she would have confused all illicit drugs a year ago. I just thought it was funny.

On the other hand, I remember years ago when I went to Belmont racetrack in NY with my (now deceased) grandfather…a pair of teens sitting in front of us in the stands lit up a joint, and he nearly lost it. So, there’s some of that generation down here (“The Greatest Generation”) on whom “Reefer Madness” made quite a strong impact.

On the other hand, based on my personal experience, this might pass The Villages by a LOT…

I hope it passes. We need states to keep passing laws like this until the feds are forced to confront the stupidity of a Schedule I classification for marijuana.

Hey feds! Can ya read?

Y’know, I recall an early scene in RM where a the antipot-crusading pastor sits down with the head of the local FBI office, who tells him, “I share your concerns, but you must understand, marijuana is not like other forms of dope! It grows wild in almost every state of the Union! Consequently, there is almost no interstate traffic in it.”

And I imagine at least some in the audience were thinking:

"Grows wild in . . .

"Did not know that . . .

“Guess what we’re gonna do today, Ferb?!” :slight_smile: