Florida Republicans: it's okay for Ralph Reed to lie for us.

Well it appears Ralph Reed is taping messages implying that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill McBride supports gay marriages. Check it out:


That’s the dirtiest eleventh hour trick that I’ve heard of this year, so far. Hey Ralph: is that what Jesus would do?

Yes, I think Jesus would support gay marriages.

Ralph is disarmingly bland and sweet-faced. Pooh Bear with a shiv.

So is Bill McBride is correct in his opposition to gay marraige?
Hey, it’s as least as intellectually honest as the OP title.

Oh, c’mon… If they’re going to hire a scumbag organization that’s going to stoop so low as to record such a message in the first place and then “accidentally” let it slip, on Election Day, that certainly casts aspersions on the campaign. Bush isn’t exactly outraged that someone’s lying for him, is he? He’s being a little too tepid for comfort.

Gotta go with the Dems on this one. Letting Ralph Reed speak for you? What, wasn’t Fred Phelps available?

The real problem, as Bricker points out indirectly, is that Bill McBride opposes gay marriage. So it ends up the Republican supporters are lying scum and the Democrat is plain scum.

So the Republicans are smearing the Dem candidate by painting him as… compassionate and ethical? No wonder I don’t understand politics.

Homebrew wrote:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Nonono. By supporting gay marriage, you’re obviously advocating the gay lifestyle, with all its sinful, harmful behavior. And what’s next? Gay Adoption?

Won’t someone think of the children?

Either way, they suck.

But whatta ya expect from politicians and Ralph freaking Reed?

He has such a baby face…ugh!