Floridopers: I think we're going to get wet.

Bonnie and Charley are headed for us.

All we need to do now is see if they strengthen and if their paths change.

Stock up on batteries, candles, and water, and let’s keep everyone safe!

Updates here. Unless someone has a better site?

Writing’s on the wall for you guys. Here’s to hoping both these are entirely “manageable”. Didn’t we have an emergency preparedness thread awhile back that detailed precautions to take and items to make sure you had on hand?

They’re talking about giving us Friday off. Sweet! I mean ummmm… be careful everyone. Stock up on the essentials. [sub]Beer, Pizza Rolls, Porno…[/sub]

Good luck, Floridians. Went through one of those last year (Isabelle). A lot of places had no power or water for a few weeks (but most for only three - five days,) gasoline was hard to get (gas stations without power) and a lot of the roads stayed flooded for up to a week.
So from that experience, I’d say leave town if you can. But if you can’t/won’t, fill up the gas tank, get the generator checked, start cooking the food in the 'fridge that will go bad now, and bring your pets inside.

Well I live in Tallahassee, but decided to come to my hometown of Panama City yesterday for my birthday. I didn’t even know about these storms until I got here in Panama City. I don’t know how I missed it.

We are trying hard to stock up on supplies, but everyone here has gone crazy raiding all of the Wal-Marts. Luckily, we already had most of the main things like batteries, flashlights, wind-up radios, and lanterns. Now we are just concerned as to what to do about our dog. He gets terribly scared in storms.

Be safe you other Floridopers! This double-trouble thing is coming our way. Let’s all hope that Bonnie and Charlie don’t continue to strengthen.


Hey Jenny / LilCutie! Nice to meet another Tallahasseean on the boards. We’ve also got Dogzilla and harmless, and a few more I can’t recall at the time.

I lived in Fort Walton Beach during Opal, and that was definitely a wild ride. From what I’ve read Bonnie may or may not reach full hurricane strength, but Charlie is definitely one to watch.

I’ll keep checking in here for updates. Hope everyone stays safe!

And remember, when you go to stock up on those essentials, be nice to the poor store clerks. They’ve been up all night marking up the prices on those things. :wink:
Seriously, though, batten down the hatches and stay safe. We here in the Mid-Atlantic will probably get the remnants of both of them, but nothing like what you guys will get.

Frickin’ hurricanes and tropical storms. They’re* meeting this afternoon to decide whether we need to worry about these storms. Our building is a complex of remodeled warehouses, so they’re not particularly hurricane-worthy. Fortunately, we have good hurricane preparedness/disaster recovery procedures in place. I just don’t wanna have to do it, because it’ll be me here helping everyone get their crap together to send to our offsite storage.

*"They=IT management, Loss Prevention and Facilities

Anyone else see a real missed opportunity in them not naming the “C” storm “Clyde”?

Good lord, sounds like a TallyDope needs to be planned. I had no idea we had that many Dopers here.

Hal Briston That is exactly what I thought the moment I heard that there were two storms coming and the first was named Bonnie. They really messed up on that one!

XJETGIRLX Hello to you! Perhaps after all of the wonderful weather :dubious: has passed we can all meet up for a nice cup of something tasty!

Maybe someone can think of something clever with Bonnie (Prince) Charley.

I’m not all that worried. Everyone knows Walt Disney made a pact with the devil about the weather here in Mickeytown. Never over 95 degrees and NO hurricaines! :smiley: Well, it’s worked for the 15 years I’ve lived here…

Well I’m in Miami, and I remember everyone getting completely demolished by Andrew back in 1992. Good luck to all Floridians in battening down the hatches, fill up your gas tanks, and I hope we have a calm and safe weekend!

I’m feeling pretty safe here in Gainesville. I’ve lived in Florida my whole life and I’ve never seen much of a storm; guess I’ve got a knack for being in the right places at the right times. Really, I’m looking forward to some rain!

In the beginning, it looked as though Charlie was going to head towards the Panahandle as well. It seems now though, that it is looking to head into South Florida. Watch out Disney World!

Hello, other Tallahasseans! I’m here, too. Over in the newsroom, it was just broadcast that Jeb has already declared a state of emergency, which enables the State to take emergency preparedness measures in advance of the storm.

The massive rain we got in the NW part of town this morning brought down several branches from the tree in our front yard. One of these times, I just know it’s going to be a big one, and it’s going to land on the roof. I just hope it isn’t tomorrow!

Everybody be safe, and listen to the radio. We’ve got the latest on it and will broadcast live updates until 5:50 PM, then starting tomorrow at 6 AM.

Wonderful . . . I’ll be driving through this mess tomorrow. From Tampa to Jacksonville.

Hey you! I don’t think I’ve seen your name around, or at least I haven’t connected you as being in town. Nice to meet you :slight_smile:

I tried to organize a Tallydope ages ago, but at the time I think there was only one other person in town who actively posted.

So let’s see, that makes us, LilCutie, fishbicycle, Dogzilla, harmless, Shaolinrabbit, Monstre, oh, and I know at least two more people I’m forgetting from Tallahassee. I think MirroredIndigoShadows was here too, at one point but perhaps no longer. Mayhaps once the weather clears we can do a lunch or something!

Good luck everyone. If you have the right kind of radio, listen to 14.350 MHz, USB. That’s the amateur radio frequency the National Hurricane Center uses to take reports of storm conditions and position. If you have a scanner, listen for local amateur radio weather nets between 145.000 and 148.000 MHz.