Fluke recipes?

Went fishing Saturday and caught out limit of fluke. As half our party doesn’t eat fish much, it’s (almost) all mine. They’ve already been filleted. I’m going to do the first batch in a francese-style. I’d like some other options (something a little more than a cornmeal or flour coating and frying). What can the teeming millions offer me?

It would be a good stuffed fish. Either laid flat with a layer of stuffing over it, or rolled. I’ll do traditional crab stuffing, or often shrimp and scallop stuffing. I usually end up with a dish that’s more stuffing than fish that way, but it works for me. It’s a good meat to put into a seafood casserole with more seafood, or just with potatoes and herbs, or cheese if you like.

Being a flat fish, it’s structure is naturally a platform for other ingredients, so I think if would work well as a florentine dish. For that I’d smear plate with olive oil, lay down the fish, salt and pepper, a layer of crumbs, and then a layer of lightly chopped baby spinach, or blanched and chopped whole spinach. Throw on some finely diced onion, and garlic if you like. Sprinkle with mediteranean spices and then a layer of mozzerella and parmesan, and other cheeses if you like. Sprinkle a little fresh cilantro and/or parsley, and a little red pepper of any form for color or spice to your liking. Don’t freak about this next thing though, put the plate uncovered into the microwave and cook for 4 to 6 minutes. If you’re the puritanical type, just bake it. I’ve done this basic thing with oysters, shrimp, scallops, and various white fish, substituting kale for spinach once, and often using whatever blend of cheeses I have. To me basil goes well with the spinach so I’ll use more of that, choose your own tastes.

If you like indian fluke would go good in a mild curry with cauliflower. Make some naan and peas pulao and you got a feast on your hands.

Thank you. I like the florentine suggestion. I was also looking at a keiv-style cooking. Curry won’t fly in these parts - the chef (me) isn’t a big fan.

Aww, I came here to see what happy accidents people had made in the kitchen. I don’t know about this fluke fish. :frowning:

But remember - if it tastes good, it must be a fluke! :smiley:

Actually, I would imagine they taste like liver. Yuck.


Fluke ~ flounder. Any flounder recipe will work just fine.

That doesn’t help. If it were early spring, then the title would have been “flounder recipes?”, but as flounder are out of season, it’s “fluke recipes?”. If sole were common in these waters, it would have been “sole recipes?”, but I’ve never seen one caught in local waters.

Like chrisk I figured this was about recipes gone horribly right, and then I was horrified when I realized that people ate flukes. So, it’s a type of fish too, not just a parasite?

It doesn’t matter when they were caught. If you catch a fluke, any recipe for flounder would work just fine.

Fluke (aka summer flounder in some areas) are common to local waters. There is a size limit of 19.5", down from 21" last year, with a maximum of 4 keepers per day. Fluke differ from flounder (aka winter flounder) in that fluke are predators, and have razor sharp teeth, while flounders are opportunistic bottom feeders with smaller mouths and blunter teeth. Both are mild-tasting fish. Usually skinned and filleted, they are too soft to grill and don’t hold up to a batter-fry, but pan-fry nicely and are complemented by any number of sauces.

While common, somewhat easy to catch, and tasty, pound for pound they are a rather boring fish to catch. I’d much rather catch bluefish, but they are an oily fish and not as tasty. Striped bass are the best of both - tasty and a great fighter, but are harder to find and catch legal sized fish.

So they don’t stock them near you, then? They stocked them near where I used to work, and people would pull them out that were at least 2’ long. I didn’t like them using live fish for bait, though, so I wasn’t as impressed as they were.

Are you talking about fresh water fish?

Hard to stock the ocean. Plus it’s a 28" size limit, with a maximum of two keepers per person, unless you are fishing on a private boat, which is one keeper of 28-40", plus one keeper 40"+. Finding striped bass isn’t that difficult; just follow the bait. Where there is bait, there will be blues, stripers, or both. Finding 2.5 foot long striped bass is another story. I know I didn’t go into that kind of detail earlier.

TriPolar, striped bass can be farmed, so presumably they can stocked. They like brackish and salt water; I haven’t heard of fresh water striped bass, but that certainly doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

I believe they breed in brackish water. I’ve just never heard of them being stocked. No reason I know of that it couldn’t happen.