Flush dammit!

If I walk into a stall and am greeted by another effing steamer I’m going to scream! Flush dammit!

You want to drop the kids off at the pool? Fine butt don’t leave them there for me to pick up. Need to pinch a loaf, Mrs. Baird? Don’t forget the blasted delivery truck.

And you sick bastards that don’t use paper… I’ve got to eat lunch later too, you know. Mind not ruining it for me? I reckon your Calvins have skid marks Kenny Burnstein would be proud of. Jeez, hug a tree with that ass, would you?

Royal flushes, they’re not just for poker anymore.


HA! Kings over threes. Beats a flush every time.

Do you suppose those are just floaters which wouldn’t go down? And the person didn’t realize it because they feld the scene? Or are we talking paper and stuff being in the bowl, too? If there is a turd but no paper, I’d suspect the One That Wouldn’t Go Down With the Flush.

(Why do I ask? Oh why, oh why, so I ask for more information in a thread like this?)

Abe Babe, thank you oh thank you for not mentioning Queens and Twos.

And Cranky, I’d not considered that possibility butt don’t you think these Hazelwoods need to make sure their double-hulled boomers need to make it out of the harbor safely?

I’ve said this before. I didn’t think I’d have to say it again. It’s the Golden Rule at its most elemental.

**Be a bathroom hero. Always check your flush. If you find something brown, flush the motherfucker down. **

Be a bathroom hero, people!

Thank you, magdalene.

(Can I assume you mean poo unto others as you would have them poo unto you?)

Just my humble opinion, of course, but I think the SDMB needs a forum just for bathroom/bodily functions threads.

In addition to writing “Free Cowboy Hats- Take One!” on all toilet seat cover dispensers that I see from now until the day I die, I shall now add:

Just because it’s so goddamned funny. And because I am as mature as a 12 year old boy. Poop. Funny.


Are you kidding? Do otherwise competent people like this really exist? Are you telling me when they finish, they stand up and pull their pants back up without…oh my god…I just finished lunch and I’m gonna be sick…

What really annoys me is when someone has diarrhea and doesn’t flush. Poop is funny, diarrhea is even funnier, but not after it has been sitting in a toilet for 5 hours.