Flying Cars! It's the 21st Century! I Want My Flying Car!

Actually, I don’t, but this guy’s building 'em anyway.

It’s not quite as ugly as the Moller Skycar.

I hope they have several cameras for the maiden flight so it can get on America’s Funniest Horrible, Firey Deaths. IANAAE (I am not an aeronotical engineer) but I predict bad things for this “craft.” Placing the center of lift force below the center of mass is a recipe for getting upside down in a hurry. I’m not saying it can’t work, there are several aircraft that are inherently unstable and were designed that way on purpose. However all of them have fly by wire controls so a computer can make rapid corrections that would be impossible by a human pilot. I don’t think the AMV 211 is going to have fly by wire controls. In fact how the heck do the flight controls work at hover? Harriers use reaction powered by bleed air from the jet engine’s compressor.

450hp engine to take off? Sheesh.

You’re not the only one.

Patience people. Flying cars will be mainstream only 10 years from now in 2015 (at least in Hill Valley, California).

I, for one, do not want flying cards (yet). Most of the morons out there have a hard enough time driving safely in two dimensions …

June 14,2002: I still remember the day Toyota first announced they developed and successfully tested a flying car. I’m still heartbroken.

In fact, I occasionally use Spoofe’s Skycar Link in Post 9 of that old thread to masturbate to.