Flying reindear?

What allows then to fly?

Fairy dust? Children’s wishes?

Caribou farts are actually 90% helium, which is why the government isn’t too concerned about selling off its helium stockpile. All you have to do if find about eight of them that are too uptight to let one go in mixed company, and they’ll eventually float. Propulsion is another matter, of course, but even the most polite reindeer can’t hold it in forever.

Magic, of course.

Reindeer can fly because they eat magic feed corn, developed by the Winter Warlock.

Cheech explained it:

Yeah, magic dust, y’know? He used ta give a little bit to da reindeer, a
Little bit to Santa Claus, a little bit more for Santa Claus, a little
Bit more…

The sleigh flies. The reindeer are just steering.

It’s no more implausible than getting eight reindeer to all pull a sleigh in the same direction.

Anti-gravity antlers.

A trebuchet.

Red Knows…

A wizard did it.

Don’t you guys watch the Christmas specials every year? Santa gave them magic corn from the Winter Warlock…

If the reindeer fly, what prevents the sleigh from just falling and hanging down loosely, dumping all the cargo upon liftoff?

The top finish of the sled is made of cavorite, mixed with upsydasium and garnished with unobtanium.

But Santa doesn’t approve of the commercial exploitation of Pandora.

Why, their diet of course. They’re fed on unicorn (canned, perforce; due to being at the North Pole it’s awfully hard to get it fresh).



The TSA.

(…but I wouldn’t wish the screening scope they use on Anyone.)

Why, yes, it is, darling.

The NRA.