Flying the Flag

I work for a state agency in F-L-A, and an edict came down recently that is really curious. The directive says that, when we have a single flag pole the order of the flags be (from the top): USA, POW-MIA, Florida.

A little bacground for those who may not know, the POW-MIA flag is mostly black, with a white circle in the middle on which is a silhouette (sp?) of a prisoner of war and a guard tower (or something). It was created, IIRC during the Vietnam war, to honor all those either captured, or who were listed as Missing in Action.

I have nothing but respect for the military personnel, and their families, this flag honors. However, should it fly above the flag of a state?

This is not about Vietnam, POWs, or MIAs, and we don’t have the flag of the confederacy as part of our state flag, but that isn’t the issue either.

I think because it is technically a national flag, but I’m not sure.