We had a bunch of fly’s in our house one day, and the next day they were all dead… Anyone know why about 20 fly’s wold just drop dead overnight ???

What kind of flies? Regular black houseflies? Fruit flies? My guess is that they starved to death, trapped there in your house.

If the killer turned off the gas from outside so that the pilot light were extinguised, but then turned it back on …

wait, you mean this isn’t a Perry Mason?


Something like an extra warm day, etc. caused them to all hatch (or whatever flies do) at the same time. If the weather turned cold and no other flies hatched then all of these flies had approximately the same life span and thus all died approximately the same time.

We recently had an animal die underneath our house (in the crawl space where no man has ever ventured). First the odor was terrible and then the flies started hatching and unlike your experience they kept hatching. I suspect that a lot of them went outside, but enough of them got in the house to drive us nuts for about 2 weeks.

[FONT=century gothic]This is not a joke, but my roommate & I noticed that the fly population has gone mad…I’ve never encountered such aggresive flies in my life as I am seeing now…I had one in my room one night that was a miny terrorist…It was smacking me in the face & flying & buzzing (loudly) around my head & actually dive bomb into my face…It was disgusting & annoying so I waited till it flew into a cup & I trapped the sucker, but my roommate had a similar problem with one terrorizing her all night…It finally landed in her coffee…stayed alive & gave her one last buzz in her mouth as she drank it!!! What’s with the kamakazzee pilot flies?? Has anyone else noticed that???

They were all stabbed to death by an apostrophe.

Don’t even tell me that there are wild apostrophe’s on the loose in my room!!! That is terrifying!!

I see two possibilities:

  1. DDT
  2. stabbed to death by an apostrophe. (thanks Sofa King)

Since DDT has been illegal for nearly 20 years, the apostrophe gets my vote.