Foghorn Leghorn---who is the nerdy little chicken?

The one who looks like John Denver?

What’s his name? I can’t find anything on google, and the lady working next to me won’t let it drop. She’s been obsessing on it for almost a week now.

Thanks in advance.

I say. I say. I say. He’s Egghead Jr, son.

According to this site “the silent son of Miss Prissy and the brainiest chicken in the yard.”

Thank you!

Silent son? I swear he had a squeaky voice, not unlike Chicken Hawk. :: shrug ::

Thanks, though.

I think in that particular 'toon, the hen was addressed as “Widow”. It was Prissy, to be sure, but not the old maid character as played in other 'toons, or at least the events in this 'toon take place some time after another 'toon featuring Prissy in which her affections are divided between Foghorn and the Dog, who keep using her as a means to hurt/humiliate the other.


I vaguely remember from my childhood his being named “Henry” though I have no cite for that.

Whoa, weid. When I saw the OP I first thought “Oh, That’s Egghead!” but now that you mentione Henry… there is something about that name too.

Did Foghorn refer to him sort of generically as “Henry”? Kinda like the way who might say “Look here, Bubba…” or look “Listen, Chicken Little…” when you’re being a bit pedantic and referring to someone whose name you don’t really know?

Egghead Junior? God, I hope that’s not supposed to be an inside joke. Although it would explain the bald head and jowls.

I don’t know quite why this is so important to me, but Henry is the chicken-hawk.

I thought his name was Eggbert. I seem to remember Mrs. Prissy calling him that once.

It was always 'boy."

If it was Egghead, Jr., there are some serious issues raised.

Egghead was human. Egghead, Jr. was a chicken. His father must have had some pretty strange sexual habits. :eek:

Or was this Egghead his father?

I’ve seen a number of references calling him “Eggbert.” It could be like Marvin the Martian and Michigan J. Frog, neither of which of which had names mentioned.

Ah, that makes sense then. I was conflating the two characters.

Me too!

(Does that make us unindicted co-conflators? ;))

The little bad-ass chicken hawk that Foghorn is persuading to attack the dog is

I feel compelled to nitpick that the chicken hawk’s name is actually Henery (with two 'e’s), not Henry.

I vote for “Egghead, Jr.” but I doubt that his father was the same Egghead as the early WB star character. (On the other hand, it does make an interesting picture – Egghead and Miss Prissy…)

These folks also agree with “Egghead, Jr.”, but they are not an official WB site.

Featuring: Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, Foghorn Leghorn, Miss Prissy, Egghead Jr., Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Daffy Duck, Bulldog, Road Runner, Wile E. Coyote, Tweety, Sylvester, Bugs Bunny, Gruesome Gorilla.

Foghorn Leghorn and Egghead playing hide-n-seek:
Foghorn: (hiding in woodbox) “That boy couldn’t find me in here if he used a slide-rule.”

Egghead walks into frame, pulls out slide-rule and paper, calculates FL’s position, gets a shovel and begins to dig under woodbox, pulling FL out on the end of the shovel.

Foghorn: (eyeing the woodbox) “I’m afraid to look–I might still be in there!”

Pure genius!