Folders keeping settings / Vista

I’m using Vista Ultimate 64.

I have folder which are located on my quicklaunch bar. They contain shortcuts to applications I want to run. (Each folder has shortcuts to a type of program: games, studio, apps, security)

Anyhow, often I open a folder and it’s changed its location on the screen, its size, and the type of icons. They’re all on Medium Icons but they’re often changed to Small Icons when I open them.

Today I go to Properties > Previous Versions and see there’s all kinds of previous version dates. That’s probably when they’re being changed, or maybe when I’m changing them back (or both)…

What gives - why do they keep changing? I’m losing my sanity resetting them from time to time. Is there a way to say, “This folder should keep its location and all other settings and never change unless I manually change it” ??