Windows 7 folder changes

Please forgive me if this question has been asked before. I am a complete noob in Windows 7, but I am very used to XP and earlier Windows versions. In W7 I am finding that if I resize an Explorer folder window, or make other changes such as displaying or hiding the navigation pane, those changes are then applied to all subsequent Explorer windows that I open. In XP and earlier versions of Windows, it would remember your settings for particular folders (not entirely reliably, but most of the time), but it would not apply those settings to all folder windows opened thereafter unless you explicitly told it to in the “Folder Options” dialog. Is it possible to set W7 so it behaves more like XP in this respect, so that it is possible to open different folder windows (e.g., from different shortcuts) with different sizes and appearances?

W7 does seem to allow you to change the appearance of the icons in a folder (e.g., from details view to medium sized icons) without this changing all subsequent folders, but the same does not seem to apply by default to changes to the folder itself. (I am finding this very annoying!)

I have Googled to try and discover an answer, but the nearest I have found so far is someone else complaining about the same thing.

ShellFolderFix will make folder windows remember their last position and size, and not just the size/position of the last window. Freeware.

I’ve used this for about a year, and it works for me.

Thanks. That seems to have fixed the resizing issue, but it seems that if I change which ‘panes’ are displayed then that setting is still applied to all subsequent folders opened (which is, if anything) the bigger annoyance to me).

And is it really the case that the only way to fix this is with a third-party program? Wow!

Well, if you can fix it in Windows 7 with a setting, then, as they say, “I’m doing it wrong.” Also, that guy wrote a program and updated it several times for no reason. The latter should be more of a comfort than the former, as I frequently do things wrong. :smiley:

I can’t help you with the panes issue, as I just want everything set one way.