Position of New Windows Opening in Windows 7

In Windows XL, when you opened a new window – say, Windows Explorer – it remembered where you last had it open, and opened it there. Kinda nice.

In Windows 7, if I open a second copy of Windows Explorer, it insists on putting it almost on top of the already-open window. Always, no matter where the currently open copy is. This is dumb! I always have to move the new copy. It’s incredibly dumb to have the new copy be 95% on top of the existing copy.

Is there a Control Panel setting governing this behavior? I’ve looked and Googled and can’t find it.

Can’t answer your question direction, but one of the neat things about Windows 7 is the Windows key + right/left arrow shortcut. It automagically moves the window to one half of the screen or the other and makes it easy to have two windows together. Not sure if that helps…

The feature is application dependent. This means it depends on the program to handle it. Apps that used to save their position should still do so.

However, Windows XP Explorer and Windows 7 Explorer are completely different programs. The feature you want was removed from Explorer in Windows 7 for reasons no one knows. The only way to get it back is with third party utilities.

A quick look around Google says that the best tool is ShellFolderFix

Reply and BigT: Thanks! I’d never known about the Windows + right-arrow shortcut! That’s helpful! And I’ll go out and look at ShellFolderFix!

Long live The Straight Dope! The collection of knowledge here is amazing!