Folks, gun owners do not have to wear yellow stars in public.

I just saw a Facebook meme from someone implying that this kind of thing is about to happen. That it was posted by a highly educated person in a professional job who mostly associates with ex-convicts :confused: says a lot.

They’re all gonna be made Sheriff!

Was he upset that he would be put into a concentration camp, or that someone might think he was Jewish?

If this is the debate, I’ll register my disagreement.

Pssh, if anything it would be a red handgun. The liberal anti-gun cabal is still not finalized on the design yet

This, of course is false.

Mind you, what with the publication/outing of Gun owner and/or CCW permit holders names and addressees, there is some very real fire behind this smoke.

At least then they would know who not to fuck with.


Well, it would make it easy to arrest all the non-law-abiding gun owners who ruin it for the rest.

No, there isn’t.

We aren’t?

Goddamnitsomuch. And here I just ordered a really fashionable one from Amazon for $47.00.

Why not, dammit?!

Really takes the fun out of their subconscious desire to administer western-style vigilante justice.

I like it.

:rolleyes: That is truly what this is all about. Not safety, not constitutional rights, not freedom. This is about feeling tough.

And the broad hint that it’s o.k. to fuck with those who don’t carry.

From mocking some idiot from Facebook, to attacking all gun owners, in just 13 posts. Good show!

If I had known that Shodan was the official representative of all gun owners I never would have posted that.

I don’t like to talk about my “flair”.

Or whom to sneak up behind with a hammer . . .

If you only meant Shodan, then fair enough, my mistake. Sitnam was clearly being far broader.

So, the usual snide commentary on gun owners then…

Eloquent argument.

Except for the fact that yes, indeed, CCW / license holders are being listed (sometimes publically) by address, or by neighborhood.

In Indiana until a couple of years ago, you could obtain a list of persons who have current licenses to carry handguns (LTCHs) with relative ease. And local newspapers put up pages that allowed you to input an address and see how many people within that neighborhood had LTCHs.

It’s not a crime to have a license, just as it’s not a crime to be Jewish.

It’s a valid point, but you soundly rebuked it.