Folks, gun owners do not have to wear yellow stars in public.

Along with the usual snide commentary from gun owners, of course. Rarely(if ever) are the attacks from only one direction.

Equating one with the other is obscene in my opinion.

I am not the one who drew the equation, neither are you.

I am, however, capable of seeing their line of reason. Godwin notwithstanding, a lot of people are afraid that gun registration leads to gun confiscation. It’s how it’s worked in many previous countries that were free.

I do, however, if I choose to carry, have to have on my person something that proves I have legally gone through all the steps necessary to exercise a right guaranteed to me by the 2nd Amendment. Which is a bit excessive, considering that no other right in the BoRs is really treated like that.

The assumption is that I’m guilty of a crime until I prove myself innocent, which is very rude… and also in conflict with how our legal system is supposed to work.

Would you want anyone to make snide remarks about your opinion in GD? Or is that reserved for the left?

I don’t mind snide comments, but I do mind that some here can not see the problem with equating the releasing of a few names of people that have a powerful lobby to support them with victims of The Holocaust, ridiculous “slippery slope” argument notwithstanding.

What are you talking about? :confused::mad:Do you deny there’s been “outing” of Gun owners, etc by the Media?

No-I am denying that any sane person could make a case that what is happening now could ever lead to anything resembling The Holocaust. There is no case-there is only shallow hysteria.

I said nothing of the sort, nor did I draw any such parallel.

There is legit concern that gun owners are being “outed” thus being made targets by burglars, etc.

Good thing they have guns, then.

First off, Americans are being outted constantly, as my previous post pointed out. And that is a legitimate concern.

So, you’re saying that when people provide examples from history, you’re calling them hysterical?

As one example of someone pointing out facts. Is it because we’re more “civilized” like pre-WWII Germany and this can never be a possibility?

I would guess more so because gun registration and gun confiscation are different things.

I’ll buy that it’s a legit concern when and if it ever happens in real life, and the reason was the gun owner was outed against his/her will and not because she/he told one and all that guns were there. Legit concerns have to have at least a smidgen of reality to base them on.

I already pointed out that this does happen. I didn’t want to let anyone know that I may potentially own guns, but I was forced to by state law, and then local newspapers decided to put that information up against my will on their websites.

When burglars put in an address and see that 8/10 houses have someone with a CCW/LTCH in them, then they know that breaking into any of those houses nets a potentially 80% chance of walking away with stolen guns.

How is that not legitimate?

The last time this gun control = Naziism idea came up, it was pointed out that the Nazis relaxed gun control in Germany.

And if the government is actually coming to slaughter you, your guns won’t do you a bit of good.

I won’t argue the Nazi part anyway. Pre-WWII Germany was fairly civilized was my point. I’m not a fan of getting into Godwin-type arguments.

And yes, that’s very true. But I find it hard to believe the government’s coming after just me. If so, then I did something awesome or terrible.

Did someone use that information to break into your home and steal your weapons? Do you have any stats that show that gun owners were more likely to have their homes broken into when their personal information was released to the public? Show me a solid connection that shows that one leads to the other.

But all in all. . .Nazis, right?

You’re missing the point that you’re attempting to refute in the first place.

You wanted a real-life instance of peoples’ information being outed without their consent. I gave it to you.

But to answer your questions. No, fortunately no one robbed me. And no, I don’t have any stats, and I highly doubt any are forthcoming. But, if I were an internet savvy criminal, and I had those tools as my disposal, would I use them? Yes.

That’s good enough for me.

Well, yes. It’s just that relaxing gun control meant that all those Jew-hating Nazi supporters were better armed.

I note the near-universal assumption by people who think that the 2nd Amendment is some sort of defense against an evil government that the people with guns will be fighting against the evil government, and not for it.

This is a woman who posted one of those memes comparing Obama to Hitler, and implying that people who support Obama are as brainwashed as the Germans were in the 1930s.

Last time I checked, it’s not illegal to criticize the president.