Folks, gun owners do not have to wear yellow stars in public.

Anyone want to argue that this bullgoose loony was legitimate concerns?

Now that we know what it was, no.

But that doesn’t allay previously posted concerns.

The people fighting for the government will always have guns, that’s a perk of government power. Whether the guns are privately owned or issued by the government makes no difference. See the Rwandan genocide, where the government armed the Interahamwe militia:

Does the fact that nobody seems to have data that shows that releasing the names of gun owners leads to increased break-ins to get their weapons? By the way, I am against the release of this information because it seems to be an invasion of privacy…but without some sort of factual cites that it leads to robberies for the purpose of stealing weapons I’m not going to take that particular slippery slope seriously.

Hm. And I thought the killing in that genocide was done mostly with machetes.

I don’t have data for it. Why I doubt anyone does is because I find it unlikely that burglars are asked “did you get this information from a website”? And, likely, are rarely caught with the guns in question. In the criminal market, those guns are typically sold rather quickly. That’s why they would be targeted. They’re good money.

But, I’ll be in a better position to research this in about 20-30 minutes, so I’ll see what I can’t find.

You don’t need to get testimony from robbers. What would do it are statistics that show that gun owners whose names are released to the public have an greater burglary rate once those names are released.

Machetes played a large part.

And where did they come from?

Ex-Rwandan Pm reveals genocide planning

Point is, the government side will always be armed.

The problem is that it tells criminals who they CAN fuck with.

Of course there is. There is an animus towards gun owners. Would it bother you if a detroit paper published the names and addresses of all registered owners of foreign cars? How about if the Post published a list of all registered Democrats in Staten Island?

Hey, your side is the one tipping off the criminals.

Force is the basic building block of power. Once you forget that, you are on the road to serving those that haven’t.

Don’t we already know that? I thought that was the Wu Tang Clan?

Archaic_Entityn posted this:
*Except for the fact that yes, indeed, CCW / license holders are being listed (sometimes publically) by address, or by neighborhood.

In Indiana until a couple of years ago, you could obtain a list of persons who have current licenses to carry handguns (LTCHs) with relative ease. And local newspapers put up pages that allowed you to input an address and see how many people within that neighborhood had LTCHs.*

Here’s some other cites:

The home of a gun owner, whose address was published by a New York newspaper, has been burglarized and a state lawmaker said it appears the burglars may have used the newspaper’s map to target the residence.

Ex-Burglars Admit Gun Owner-Outing Map Helps Criminals

Do you still claim that this has never happened in real life?

I admit that names are being released helter skelter, and they shouldn’t be. On the other hand, you were able to dig up one possible example that this lead to a burglary. Statistically weak by anyone’s standards, so using it as a any sort of example weakens the argument in my opinion. There are better reasons to oppose the name releases.

Does owning a gun protect you from criminals, or put you more in danger of them? You can’t have it both ways.

I would like to see some Youtube videos of anti-gun people attempting to pin stars on gun owners/carriers. That would be awesome.

Because if you think the local law enforcement people, cops, are going to do it for the anti-gun crowd you are mistaken.

All of the local sheriff and state police where I live are heavily into gun rights for private citizens. Enforcement might be attempted in a tepid way in major urban centers like NYC or Chicago, but not in the larger part of the US.
The whole idea is liberal/urban fantasy land. It’s a big country.

This insanity doesn’t come from liberals, bucky.

You can, in fact.

A gun can end a threat, as is being discussed in another thread (Robbery gone very wrong - defensive gun use - Great Debates - Straight Dope Message Board). Or it could be the target of a robbery, where you aren’t armed at home and end up dead.

Or it could be stolen from you and used against you.

What makes you decide that it’s so black and white?

I’m not bucky, and as usual your contribution to gun related threads adds nothing of value.

But you are a protected class of your own on this board and your comment will not be moderated.

Are you serious? No, it would not bother me if my name was published for owning a foreign car or for being a registered democrat. Does it bother you owners of firearms seem paranoid?

It’s an invasion of privacy equally. That’s the problem. I don’t want my name posted based upon the fact that I own a gun. That information is not relevant to anyone except me.

Your name is posted in public all over the fucking place already. Damuri was trying to make the point that I would feel the same way in his scenarios, not so much.

This oppression you feel is an illusion.