I lost my fire arm collection

I regret to relate this story:

I lost my entire outfit of firearms and ammunition out on the frozen lake. I thought it would make a nice set of pictures. I drug my entire collection (which wasn’t much) of long guns, handguns, magazines, ammunition…pretty much everything I owned I think, out onto the ice. I schlepped them way out there, it was really tiring. I went back to the car to get my camera, and when I returned they were gone. What I thought was solid ice must not have been, there was water and broken ice where the equipment used to be.

I’m really bummed that I have to tell you all this, thanks for your support.

Uhm? Thank you for being a responsible gun owner?

A place where you had been standing, putting guns down, walking around, suddenly turned to mush while you were away for a few minutes? The middle of a lake seemed like an ideal place to take a picture of your guns?

Is this a parody of something?

Reminds me of a news story I just read about a young man who died playing Russian roulette with four friends.

What a coincidence! Pretty much the same thing happened to all of my guns! Except mine were stolen by gypsies, who then escaped by boat. Which sank.

Wow, when Obama says executive action he means executive ACTION.

It’s kind of a long standing joke among gun owners that if the goverment ever attempts to exert what they/we perceive as excessive control like gun registration, many of them/us will claim to have just had a most unfortunate accident like ferrying our guns across a lake when all of a sudden the boat capsized and we lost everything. Modify accident parameters as you see fit.

Sorry Mr. Government official, darn it but I no longer have anything to register.

Thanks, lieu, I was out of the loop. I must not own enough guns to qualify for the in jokes. I need to go scuba diving in Sigene’s lake, I guess.

Me, I was skydiving over Lake Mead with every firearm I own when I tried to point them all downward and fire simultaneously to see if it would push me back up into the sky. Best I can figure something went inexplicably wrong.

That’s amazing cuz just the other day I was doing some under ice diving in a lake that was frozen over except for one spot…

Good luck when you file that police report. You are going to file a police report about the lost weapons and the inadvertent dumping of hazardous material into the lake, right?

You know what’s really cool? Spear guns!

Another place to go diving!

For some reason this reminds me of something I heard on G. Gordon Liddy’s radio show many years ago. In the middle of a bunch of calls about politics, someone called in with a question about some specific model of gun. Liddy very knowledgably and articulately answered the question, then said something close to: “Of course, as a convicted felon, I don’t own any guns. Mrs. Liddy, on the other hand, has a fantastic collection.”

This is how I wish we had handled Regan’s funeral: “well, we thought it would be nice to have one last photo of Ronnie in the outdoors, we put him on the lake and when we came back with the camera…”

That kind of reminds me of Sons of Guns’ Will Hayden and daughter Stephanie losing their FFL.

Hazardous how?

I suspect to trigger fish.

Oh no! Were you killed in the accident?

Why kind of gun would you suggest for a muskellunge who wants to defend his family against outdoorsmen?

If they ban triggerfish, criminals would just use swordfish.