I lost my fire arm collection

Obligatory XKCD essay.

Oh god, this made me giggle like mad and now all of my coworkers are looking at me like :dubious:

The “Do you know why I pulled you over comic” has me giggling.

Hazardous because you just announced where a firearms could be found for the taking, and I’m also betting that there are laws against dumping trash in the lake. What’s the law about reporting lost or stolen firearms in your state, btw?

Now that we’ve got it narrowed down to “frozen lakes,” I’ll have those sunken guns recovered and in working order in no time!

You used the term “harzardous material” which has a specific meaning like he was dumping toxic waste. Not an object which would possibly be dangerous if someone happened to dive and find them before they rust into junk.

In New Jersey we have a statute:

As far as I know we are only one of 7 states which have such a law. We also have some of the toughest gun laws in the country.

Sorry to hear that, buddy. Something similar happened to me back in late November, 2008. Tragic boating accident.

So we’ve been feeling sorry for you, but you were making a joke? Which, if I owned more guns, or hung out with paranoid gun collectors, I would’ve gotten?

I’m asking the OP seriously, were you joking?

Why yes, as a matter of fact I was, Mr. IRS Collector.

It’s a blatantly obvious joke, and one that has been used in multiple threads on this very board by several people, including me.

I’m assuming this is a joke. But it points out the disgusting hypocrisy of gun owners. They wave the flag and say they love America, but they pick and chose which of the laws they will obey. If guns were outlawed, they would commit fraud rather than obey the laws of the country they love so much. How nice that they themselves become the arbitrator of which laws are just and should be followed.

It also shows how much they let fear run their lives: fear of others and fear of nonexistent government programs to steal their guns.

It also points out the hypocrisy of the claim that any gun control laws would have no effect on criminals owning guns because they wouldn’t obey the laws. Virtually every gun ever owned by a criminal was a legally-owned gun at some point. And it crossed over to becoming a criminally-owned gun by subterfuges like the OP described - somebody “loses” a gun and it ends up in criminal hands.

Regular law-abiding gun owners should realize it’s criminals and the people who aid these criminals that are driving the push for gun control. But instead of leading the charge to crack down on these people, too many legitimate gun owners just give them a knowing wink.

I particularly cherish the argument (straight-faced!) that they have to own guns in order to prevent the government from taking them away. :smiley:

That’s even better than calling the democratic process “tyranny”.

The mere notion of the government going to such extreme measures is ridiculous, hence the inclination to mocking point your finger and joke. That said, personally, I’d still have no problem whatsoever with registering all my guns and complying with whatever laws the government deems necessary should I wish to sell them. I don’t see it as much different from buying a hunting license each year, following all the conservation laws and principals, etc. Doesn’t mean I can’t smile about folks wanting to hang onto cool shit they own. That’s amusing, just like broad based accusations made by the willfully ignorant. Every gun owner is disgustingly hypocritical and motivated by fear? Jeez fella, try another weapon because rationality ain’t working for ya.

Don’t let me stop y’all from taking a big shit on a light hearted thread though.

The problem is that the irrational gun owners outnumber the rational ones by 100 to 1.

You have Alex Jones screaming red faced that there will be another 1776 if the government comes for guns. Really? Guns mean so much that you will rise up and destroy the country you love so much?

The gun-owner facebook friends I have all post similar things about anyone who supports additional gun regulations is essentially a moron.

So where are the rational gun owners who recognize that there are ways to make guns safer? Why aren’t they coming up with rational arguments? The only things I’m hearing from the gun owners is that any regulation is a violation of their rights and they’ll fight it every step of the way.

As a contrast, I drink alcohol but I support more alcohol regulations. I understand people have problems with alcohol and I want to make it easier for them not to be tempted. I want hard liquor to only be sold in liquor stores–not in grocery and convenience stores. I want beer and wine sold in grocery stores, but in a separate area so it’s not right in the middle of the store. All of these things would mean it’s harder for responsible drinkers to get alcohol, including me, but I support it because it would overall reduce problems with alcohol.

Why are there seemingly no vocal gun owners who support increased gun control?

What bullshit.

There’s also the argument that mature, responsible adults should be allowed to own guns, and they apparently think they can demonstrate how mature and responsible they are by telling a bald-faced lie about utter carelessness.

Is this how you are categorizing the OP? Even though it has been explained that it’s a joke?

I’m not a gun owner myself, but A FRIEND OF MINE left all his guns in his car with all the doors open, and they were stolen.