Followers or Subscribers on Facebook

According to Facebook, I have 4 followers. What the heck does this mean? How do I find out who is following me?

Hit the gear icon at the top, then on the left hit “followers”
Uncheck the box that says “turn on followers”.

IIRC, followers are people that can read the stuff you post, but you can’t tell who they are. I believe they only see ‘public’ stuff. So if you post something and set if to ‘friends only’ they won’t get it. It’s basically a way so that people that check you page from time to time, don’t have to check it anymore, it’ll just show up in their feed.

Now, I can completely understand the motivation behind a lot of their privacy stuff when it comes to ads and money. From a business standpoint, it makes sense. But I’m not sure why they do this. I’m not sure if it’s just a sloppy way of trying to do the Google Circles thing? Or if it’s so minor celebrities (think local news anchors/garage bands) can have a regular profile and let all the people they don’t know ‘follow’ them instead of friending them? Either way, it still seems kinda stalker-y. It seems like a great way to constantly watch someones facebook page (say, an ex) without them knowing you’re doing it.