Following in (grand)father's shoes

A corollary to aenea’s very interesting thread What did your grandfather do?

How many amongst the dopers are in the same vocation as their grandfather/mother?

I don’t meet the criteria but my younger brother is a grazier in the same manner as his father, grandfather and greatgrandfather.

Firstly, what is a grazier?

Secondly, my mom’s father was a machinist and my dad’s father was a coal miner. I’m a rocket engineer.

A grazier is a farmer who specialises in farming animals that graze. In woolly’s family’s case, I’d guess sheep. What would you 'merkins call it?

We’d call it a rancher.

I am a teacher, one of my grandmothers was a teacher before she married and became a wife and mother.

Grazier (or pastoralist) in the Australian context, usually raises sheep to produce wool on medium to large properties termed stations or runs.

A sheep farmer isn’t quite right. IIRC, the US sheep industry is mainly for meat production and done on a small scale. In the 1930’s my grandfather owned or leased almost 750,000 acres.

Well, one of my grandfathers was a plumber, fixing pipes. I do dedicated tech support for an ISP, fixing ‘pipes’ in a way…and my other grandfather was a teacher, and I teach people stuff all the time.

One of my grandfathers wanted to be a neurologist. He ended with a Ph.D. in biology, teaching neuroanatomy. So, his field was related to sciences, same as my intended field, animal sciences and veterinary medicine.