Following Posters Around the MB

Is it within the rules of this message board to follow other posters around and post the same comment repeatedly?

ETA: Posted in ATMB at the suggestion of a mod.

no way that would be a provocation.

Except it wasn’t the same poster posting the same comment.

Unlike your good self posting the same tripe.

Care to try again?? :smiley:

Two of those are in the Pit, where I’d say quoting your own hypocritical words at you is totally fair game, and not really stalking.

So - one post not in the Pit - and given it was after the Pit posts, it does verge on slightly stalkerish, but only a little, and it was in response to your own posting. So, not nearly as offensive as the actual hijack you got slapped down for, that it was a response to, so there’s that to consider. Also the fact that you can’t seem to tell the difference between IMHO and the Cafe should be considered. But IANAM, YMMV, etc.

pssst - It was Skywatcher all 3 times

I have no sympathy for you, since in each case you were hijacking the threads with nitpicking. You deserve to have your own words thrown back at you on a regular basis.

I don’t see anything in the rules that would seem to apply, anyway, but I am not a mod.

He doesn’t seem to be following you around; if he was there would be a lot more of these in a much shorter span of time.

But it was Skywatcher re-posting D’Anconia’s words…can that be considered harrassment, given that he’s quoting verbatim?


I’d say no in these specific cases. It looked like he was posting it only in cases where he perceived D’Anconia as being hypocritical to his own stated guidelines for behaviour. It’d only be harassment if he posted it in non-relevant contexts. Like people posting about Starving Artist’s paper towel tube experiment outside the Pit, kind of thing - that got kind of harass-y.

Three times in four months is “repeatedly”? :dubious: I wouldn’t have even noticed.

I find it ironic that a poster well known for nit-picking other posters in multiple posts and hijacking threads is now whining that he is being harassed. Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

I disagree. The relevance is only that he seems somewhat upset about something. And the implication being drawn by quoting it out of context creates an impression he said something he didn’t.

Here’s the actual full quote:

He was referring to the fact that a single poster had started multiple currently ongoing Pit threads. So, in context, he was referring to the fact that he thought they were all not anything worthy of being upset about.

Furthermore, the actual quote also says “things that don’t affect you.” The situations in question clearly affected him. The first link is about how people post in IMHO. He posts in IMHO, so what happens in that forum affects him. In the second, he’s questioning the veracity of a poster–who posts on the same message board as him. And the third one is a criticism of the board in general, which again affects him.

It’s not being used to actually contradict anything. It’s being used because the poster in question is trying to get under that person’s skin. And there’s no love lost between me and the OP. I do not think his posts add to this board in any way, and would not miss them if they were gone. But that’s not what this is about. This is about a poster shoehorning in an out of context quote every time it could tangentially be related.

I have experience with people taking what I say out of context for the purpose of ridicule, or doing the same with something I said in the past that sounded stupid and ignoring my later clarifications. It fucking sucks.

You know what? While I’m here, I have to call you on this. Why the fuck does his posting behavior affect what people are or are not allowed to do to him? This could be the most beloved or the most hated poster on the board, and the rules would be the same. Either what the poster is doing is allowable or it is not.

Whatever the mods decide, there is no way that D’Aconia’s posts that do not break any rules should be factored in. That would just be moderating him because you don’t like him.

Seems appropriate.

I made no statement regarding whether or not such behavior was allowed by the rules or not. I merely stated that this poster seems incapable of dealing with what he dishes out.

I solved my D’Anconia “problem” by putting him on ignore (except when I make an exception for a specific reason, such as reading the thread’s OP). For the most part, he no longer exists for me. End of my problem.

That said, he has a long history of nit-picking other people and losing no opportunity to snark at those he does not like. Apparently entirely within the rules - I have always referred anything I felt was questionable, by either him or anyone else, to the mods and let them deal with it. They allow him to continue to so presumably what he’s doing is allowed. Fine. That’s the job of of the moderators, and I have no desire to be one.

That doesn’t eliminate that he is now whining about someone else giving him the treatment he has long subjected other people to, and apparently he doesn’t like it. Too bad. I’m actually happy he’s having a taste of his own medicine, because, frankly, a lot of the rest of us have not liked his behavior. If he doesn’t like receiving then he shouldn’t be giving, whether allowed or not by the board. What goes around comes around and karma is a bitch.

Isn’t it also against the rules to mention who is on your ignore list, outside of the Pit?

Do you though?

It might be but why bother getting outraged about things that you have no control over?

Starkiller was a name considered for the Luke Skywalker character in the Original Trilogy.

Seems appropriate to consider at this critical time.

Sweetheart, if you have a problem with me I’m totally OK with you taking it to the mods. Although if you DO think you’re on my ignore list your post just there is sort of… pointless, isn’t it?

And I didn’t state “This person is on my ignore list”. In fact, I even mentioned that I occasionally look at one of your posts (such as this time). Are you on my ignore list or do I simply ignore you? Ambiguous statement.

Moderator Note

You stated that you “put him on ignore,” which implies he is on your ignore list. It is against the rules to mention who is on your ignore list outside of the Pit. In any case, let’s avoid the implication. No warning issued.