Fondue with broth

I bought some shaved steak from the grocery. I boil broth in a fondue pot and dipped pieces of thin beef. That was pretty neat. What else can be cooked at the table in broth?

Most anything? My experiences have all been restaurant based. However, I have had vegetables including mushrooms, potatoes, and carrots cooked in broth. Proteins included several kinds of beef, chicken, pork, and shrimp. The trick is cuts small enough to cook through in a relatively short time, and to take advantage of whatever flavor the broth is going to impart. You might try looking at the menu for The Melting Pot, it is a chain of fondue restaurants and could give you some ideas. Or if one is nearby, it might be worth a visit.

Thanks, howye.

Research ‘hot pot.’

Shabu Shabu!

I love it, but it can be pricey. (Once spent north of $100 per person on shabu shabu in the Ginza. Worth every penny.)

Yup. Used to do that years ago. Make some dips to go with.

A good friend of mine has to stick to a very low-fat diet. When we’ve gone to The Melting Pot, she gets a broth-based fondue, and while she mostly cooks and eats the veggies, she’ll also do small bits of chicken and shrimp.

Chef Paul Prudhomme created a few recipes for broths used to cook various foods. Here’s a link to the cookbook that covers it.

I love Hot Pot! My brother’s Chinese wife makes a killer version, although if you really want a large variety of stuff to dunk, you are better off in a restaurant. There are several excellent ones in Chicago’s Chinatown.

this is our special occasion meal at our house. I make a broth fondue and a cheese one. For broth I slice up steak chicken ham pork chop (what ever is on sale) I will buy sausage for either the broth or cheese. In the broth I will put in the baby potatoes to boil and cook and when you want one just stab it out. Mushrooms sometimes too get double dipped in broth then cheeese same with cauliflower.

Basic cheese fondue is a block of cream cheese a can of condensed french onion soup and then all the leftover cheese in the house.

Broth is beef broth with some spices and a splash of wine and extra in reserve as it will boil away.