Fonts appropriate to various religions

I’m doing a project related to religious diversity and would like to use a different font for the headline for each of five religions:


I’m looking for suggestions for fonts commonly available on PC to use for each one.

Arial is a classic. Comic Sans should be avoided at all cost.

Seriously, other than picking between a sans serif face like Arial or Verdana, or a serif face like Times New Roman, you’re not going to find something like Vishnu Gothic or Allah Bold that jumps up and says “I’m a great typeface to use for this religion!” on most computers.

Yeah, I have to agree. You might use a Gothic/Old English font for Christianity since that is a stereotype of hand-copied Bibles (don’t know if there is basis in fact, but it would have the desired effect).

All the others have their fundamental texts in other languages with their own alphabets or characters. Hopefully you have learned something about that in the course of doing your project. :slight_smile: I do not know of any Latin fonts that imitate the styles of those languages, and if they exist they would not be “commonly available on PC” but custom ones that you would probably have to buy.

Eh. At the risk of being politically incorrect, I found a few fonts on Microsoft Word that evoke the feel of the writing of those religions.

Here’s what I personally like. YMMV:

Buddhism – Calligrapher
Christianity – CloisterBlack BT
Judaism – Freefrm721 Blk BT
Islam – Matura MT Script
Hinduism - Storybook

I often go here to find fun & funky fonts for projects for free:

As far as I know, all the fonts are freeware or shareware.

Interesting. I have MS Office 2003 and I don’t have any of those fonts.

(P.S. If a font is installed then any Windows app will show them, so those might not be associated with your Word installation)

Strange. I have Word 2002…

Ah, but I also have Broderbund’s Print Shop 15 or something (yes, it sucks, but it’s what the last boss wanted me to use), so maybe Word picked them up off of that? I am a Computer Dummy, so I don’t know exactly how these things work.

Sorry I couldn’t be of help to anyone who doesn’t have stupid Print Shop. (grumble, grumble, who the hell uses Print Shop these days? Stupid brownie troop leaders making stupid bake sale flyers, that’s who…)

Scientology - Comic Sans MS

For Hinduism, you could use one of those imitation-Devanagari fonts. I have no idea what it’s called-- there’s probably a bunch of them anyway. It’s a cute font.

And for Judaism, you can use Papyrus. Not that there’s any actual connection, but it’s got that vibe. I can only make that judgement as a Jew. :wink: Though I’m sure there’s also a faux-Hebrew Roman font akin to the font I mentioned in the post above.

Funny, I always thought Scientology should be Ransom Note

Holy Thetans Batman! Much better.

I mostly recommended Comic Sans because everybody hates it, just like everybody hates Scientology.


And on thought number 1.5 it’s decided this is better off in IMHO.

In 72 point LynnBodoni Bold, nevertheless.

(sorry, Lynn…)



I’d say to go with a Hebrew-styled english font for Judaism.

“Samarkan” for Hinduism

And any number of Arabic-style fonts for Islam.

Damned if I can think of what to use for Buddhism, though…which, come to think of it, may mean your audience won’t, either. So pretty much anything would work. You could use a Tim Burton font, or something. :wink:

I was baptised at Holy Cross in a pretty nice scalloped limestone font on a fluted plinth, and it turned out OK for me.