Foo Fighters > Nirvana > Lady Gaga > Justin Bieber?

Foo Fighters > Nirvana > Lady Gaga > Justin Bieber?


[SIZE=“1”]BTW, answer is Dave Grohl Über Alles![/SIZE]

Nirvana first. Obviously.

Nirvana >>>>> Foo Fighters > Laga Gaga > Justin Bieber

Can’t profess to a fondness for any of them. S’all pop to me.

FooFighters > Lady Gaga > Nirvana > Justin Bieber.

Honestly, this is the first time I heard Bieber sing. Wow is he bad. I even went to find something else on YouTube, hoping it would be better. Nope. I have a friend that sings the same sort of stuff, has the same small voice, and he’s much better.

Yes, I ranked them based on singing: The FooFighters were in tune without any obvious Auto-Tune. Lady Gaga got off a bit and was a bit raspy. Nirvana didn’t really sing, but growl, so I only put them over Bieber for their guitar playing.

Quoted for truth. I really, really don’t understand the people who think that Foo Fighters are better than Nirvana. If their song catalogue were pooled, I think I would choose 15 Nirvana songs before I chose 1 Foo Fighter song.

Critics are with me on this one, rating Nirvana the number 19 artist of all time, and Foo Fighters the number 345 artist. (

Love Nirvana, but the Foos passed them by two albums ago.

On top of that, I’ve always felt that Dave Grohl was a much, much better drummer then guitar player. But even though I like Nirvana much much more then the FF, Dave’s not bad as a front man, I’ll certainly give him that.

You forgot Scream!

He certainly did an excellent job with Probot. I think he played almost every instrument on that album, except the guitar solos and the various vocalists’ “signature” instruments (e.g. Lemmy = bass)

I don’t think you can really compare Nirvana and Foo Fighters fairly. They are very different bands musically. Nirvana captured a moment in time, a feeling, lots of angst and dark thoughts, etc. Foo Fighters write really melodic, catchy power pop songs without all the dark overtones that Kurt Cobain’s presence brought to Nirvana.

The Biebs and the Drag Queen don’t even enter into the discussion.

Nirvana are the only real music on the list. The others are all, in different ways, hype over talent.

Grohl’s a fucking amazing drummer though.

A thread I started years ago that is kinda related, Which band has sold more records, Nirvana or Foo Fighters?