Food and Evolution

Okay we eat fatty food cause they taste good right? Now, in ancient history we all know that being heavy was a sign of wealth. This was because most people didn’t have enought food to eat. Most people in the more modern nations have more than enough to eat. Fatty foods taste good to us because our taste buds tell us that that will give us fat which would provide warmth (like we needed way back when.) So could our bodies change so that our taste buds make healthy foods taste better since we want to eat those or would that never happen?

I suppose it could happen, but the current trend seems to be towards making foods that are less fatty but taste similar to the fatty, tasty foods (e.g. Olestra, etc.).

It would be possible, in theory, to modify the reactions to taste (maybe genetic engineering?), but we don’t have sufficient knowledge or technology to accomplish that now. My money’s on making healtier foods that are also tastier through food technology first.