Food cravings at "that time of the month"

Food cravings in pregnancy are well-documented. Now, I have never been pregnant, but seem to crave quite specific things during and just before my period, namely:

  • tuna;

  • tomato sauce (on pasta);

  • carbs.

But not the classic chocolate.

Any other Doper women crave anything in particular rather than just MORE of anything, which, btw, also applies to me. :smiley:

Chocolate, I crave lots of milk chocolate, the thing is when I get a bar I eat a couple of squares then I’ve had enough. Also really want salty things but usually it’s just chocolate, right now though, really have gone off chocolate for some reason, wonder if that’ll change when it’s totm.

Specifically, potato chips. Lots and lots of potato chips.

And after that, basically everything. I can control myself three weeks out of four, but that one week, I want to eat everything. And I just don’t care. It’s reckless appetite.

Everything. But really for red meat (the iron?) and comfort foods with lots of fat and salt and oil and . . .

drooling now.

when i still had functional innards, I craved salt and vinegar potato chips, bloody rare steak and milk.

When I am actually craving chocolate I know I’m getting close; it’s the ONLY time I even care about chocolate. That’s just so…stereotypical. :stuck_out_tongue:

It changes all the time, but it has been chocolate a couple times. I like chocolate, but I normally don’t crave it. It’s also been ice cream. It may have been things like buffalo wings, sushi and steak, but I get intense cravings all the time for all kinds of random foods, so it may not be related

Most every time, however, the surest sign isn’t that I crave a particular food but I WANT TO EAT ALL THE TIME. SEVERAL MEALS IN A ROW. Usually savory and salty food, but I’m not picky.

Back when I still had a uterus, I knew my monthly visitor was on its way when I started craving carbs, especially pastry and other sweets.

Right before my period I just can’t stop eating. Anything will do. I am a bottomless pit, insatiable.

I find if I just eat a lot for a day I’m fine. If I resist, the urge goes on and on.

Potato chips, preferably salt and vinegar. Can’t bear the thought of anything sweet/sugary.

Ladies is weird.

Chocolate and donuts. Especially honey glazed or chocolate honey glazed donuts.

IvoryTowerDenizen, I turn into the very hungry caterpiller mid-period, not before.

Back in the days when I had to deal with such things, steak. Lots and lots of steak. If I couldn’t have a steak, a nice roast beef sandwich would do. If I absolutely couldn’t have steak or a roast beef sandwich, my fall-back was a nice, fat, rare (moreso than I usually like it rare) cheeseburger.

Not surprisingly, my OB/GYN refused to give me a hysterectomy before I had a series of iron infusions, because I was so anemic!

Chocolate and salt. Chocolate covered pretzels are the food of the PMS gods.

Carbs. And chocolate, yes. Plenty of each. By God, if I was going to go through the little hell of a period, I sure as shit wasn’t going to starve while doing it - bring on the pasta! (oddly, smoking a cigarette seemed deeply satisfying then, no idea as to why, but I just enjoyed it for some reason).

Liver, liver and onions, liver and onions and bacon, liver and onions and bacon and mashed potatoes, liver and onions and bacon and mashed potatoes and peas.

Dark chocolate and anything salty. As far as specific foods: beef (a medium-rare steak really hits the spot) and ice cream (not in the same sitting though!).

Does “enough painkillers to immobilize a horse” count as food?


Okay, then, I can’t think of anything.

Funny about the chocolate thing- I don’t really like chocolate all that much. I certaintly don’t crave it. But I’ve eaten it anyway on the theory that since, a) chocolate slightly raises your endorphin levels, and b) endorphins are natural painkillers, eating six whole chocolate bars should do a little something about the pain.

Salt, red meat and chocolate ice cream.

The salt is usually delivered via crackers. The red meat is usually beef. The chocolate ice cream is sugar free. I don’t usually crave chocolate candy, but something about the ice cream hits the spot.

Beef. I eat it all the time anyway, but it sounds extra good the week before. And I do tend to be a little hungrier in general than is usual, I think.

I crave foods from places far away from my wife at that time of the month.