Pregnancy Food Cravings: A Poll

What did you or your SO crave, if anything, during pregnancy?

My 1st, I craved tomatoes and tomato-related products. Pizza with extra sauce, spaghetti, chili-cheese fries.

My 2nd, it was so weird. I actually craved pickles and ice cream. Cheap, store-brand, gummy-as-hell strawberry ice cream, alternating with bites of dill pickles. Not eaten together in the same bite, mind you. That would be gross.

My 3rd, green olives and ham salad. I’m thinking it was the salt I was wanting.

And you?

I have to admit I didn’t really get any cravings when I was pregnant. I did however develop a strong aversion to seafood! Kicked off by my boss having smoked kippers for lunch one day - bluuuuurghhhhh! It lasted from about 17 weeks through until 30 weeks. But smoked kippers still make me want to hurl!

Ha- once while pregnant I threw up Grape Nuts in the car then covered up the smell with some perfume of the late 80’s. To this day 17 years later I gag at the smell of either of them.

First pregnancy: Lobster tail (and we were really really really poor at the time), and oranges (during a citrus blight). After delivery, I demanded Hershey’s Kisses with Almonds, and went through about 3 bags of them every week (and got back to my pre-pregnancy weight within 5 weeks).

Second pregnancy: Amazin’ Fruit brand Gummibears in the “what’s wrong with you? I told you I wanted the freaking BLUE BAG!!!”

Yeah, I was a world of pregnant fun…

I craved Cheddar Cheese Combos and Lemonade SlushPuppies.

My mom like to talk about how she had these cravings for lemon ice cream malted shakes. I mean… ew.

For child #1, my wife craved McDonald’s double cheeseburgers. She had one just about every day during her last 4 months.

For child #2, oddly, it was turkey sandwiches. Every day for lunch, and sometimes before bed, she wanted a turkey sandwich. At least with those I didn’t have to leave the house to get them for her.

Also, according to my mom, when she was pregnant with me she craved liver & onions and had it at least once a week. shudder

With my son: Fried chicken, barbequed ribs and watermelon. I was like the punchline to a racist joke.

With my daughter: fried egg sammiches on toast with lots of black pepper, salt and mayonnaise, washed down with pear juice. It was the only thing I could keep down before about 4 in the afternoon.

Preg #1

Banana Milkshakes (preferable from Ted Drewes).

Complete aversion to Indian food.

Craved all things veggie.

Preg #2

Starbucks Iced, nonfat, decaf lattes.

I develop a strong aversion to the smell of coffee when pregnant- but with number 2 I craved the taste. So…

Iced- no smell

Nonfat latte- full serving of skim milk!

decaf- didn’t want the caffiene when preg.

First pregnancy: Taco Bell

2nd: Popsicles. Once ate nearly an entire box in one sitting.

I’ve never been pregnant (not having a womb and all), but damn those Popsicle brand popsicles are addictive. I suspect they are laced with crack cocaine.

Food with lots of spices, and greasy.

For the last trimester I practically lived on KFC, (homemade) tacos and chili.

Both pregnancies: Salty foods, which is not usually on my must have list. Especially McD’s - Big Mac xtra value meal. Chips and dip with #1 was the only run-out-in-the-middle-of-the-night-must-have-it-now.

Aversions: Normally I’m a marinara fan, but I didn’t care for tomato based sauces. Anything with nutmeg made me want to heave. Fortunately nutmeg is easy to avoid until about Christmas time.

Boy #1: Cottage cheese, donairs, garlicky things.
Boy #2: Dunkin Donuts’ caramel iced lattes, decaf, half skim-half 2%, half-caramel, no whipped cream*. Vinegary things like pickles. Pretzels and Coke Slurpees FROM 7-11 ONLY, near the end.

*At my house, this is called a Jelly Doughnut. Dave asked what I would like, so I explained it to him. He looked at me with a stupid expression and said “You know I’m going to come home with a jelly doughnut, right?”

One boy: Oreos with Double Stuff

The Adult boy has named his black and white kitty Double Stuff. Coincidence? I think not.

I craved soft pretzels and fresh fruit (apples, pineapple, grapes, plums, nectarines…everything except bananas) My biggest craving was tomatoes though. They had to be from the garden, not store-bought. Luckily the height of the craving was in the summer and I could raid friends’ gardens for delicious tomatoes.

McDonald’s Fish Filets. With a ton of sauce. If I wasn’t near a McDonald’s I’d eat a BK fish sandwich. I HAD to have those fish sandwiches.

Kalhoun - it’s NOT a coincidence at all. Guess where my son’s first job was? Yep. McDonald’s. :smiley:

Currently pregnant with #1: Anything with gravy, particularly fries.

Mostly I’m getting food aversions. For two months I couldn’t eat meat, but boy howdy, could I eat gravy.

No real food cravings, but a lot of scent cravings.

#1: ice by the tray-ful (I went through about 4 trays at home per day and had bigass tumblers full of crushed ice at work). Musty scents. Cigarette Smoke. I had a huge aversion to chicken and there was a Taco Bell commercial on at the time that featured some sort of chicken dish. I couldn’t look at it without feeling nauseated.

#2: ice again, but not as much as during #1. Musty scents. Cigarette Smoke. The smell of the eucalyptus wool wash that I use (I would go and sniff it during the day). The smell of Napisan.