Food ideas based on Oscar-nominated films

So the wife has an annual Oscar Party tradition: she and the girls all get together and watch the awards show and eat food inspired by that year’s nominees. I stay home, drink beer, and watch Clint Eastwood movies.

Except that this year, the girls have decided that husbands are invited, and since my wife is always bragging about my cooking, I gotta come up with something.

My first idea was that since one of the foreign-film nominees is “Bullhead,” I was gonna make catfish. But my wife hates catfish.

My second idea was black-and-white cookies for “The Artist,” but I’m told something savory is preferred.

Now I’m down to making something Swedish for “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.”

Any better ideas?

French Fries, French Bread, French Onion soup to symbolize the kind of food you’d be able to get at the refreshment stand in a Parisian train station in Hugo.

Hulihuli chicken (that’s barbecued) in tribute to the Hawaiian food they ate all the time in The Descendants (for extra authenticity, serve with two scoop steamed white rice and one scoop macaroni salad).

“Moneyball” is up for Best Picture (and Actor, and Supporting Actor, and Screenplay), so HOT DOGS! GETCHA HOT DOGS HERE! POPCORN! PEANUTS! CRACKERJACKS! I got COLD BEER! I got HOT PRETZELS! I got PROGRAMS, can’t tell the PLAYERS without a PROGRAM! HOT DOGS! GETCHA HOT DOGS HERE!

The Help is chock full of good 'ol Southern food. Can’t go wrong with fried chicken!
Of course, if you have seen the film, pumpkin pie with a chocolate filling might be a tad over the top, but funny.

War Horse - turnips and oats.

Great ideas … sadly, I am told that War Horse and The Help are “taken” and I have to pick a movie of my own. Sheesh, this party is turning into a pain.

Love the idea of hot dogs or French bread, but the wife wants me to show off.

I’m making a batch of root beer pulled pork with homemade root beer barbecue sauce anyway … any ideas on how I can connect that to any of the movies?

Brats are slightly fancier than hot dogs while still being stadium-friendly, but there’s also this:

The signature sandwich of Moneyball’s Oakland As, served up at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum: Mamacitas Carnitas. Seasoned carnitas, queso fresco, pico de gallo, sweet pickled jalapeno, and shredded lettuce on a ciabatta roll. (Available behind sections 113 and 121!)

Tell them it was central to the plot of Tuba Atlantic, a Norwegian film about a dying man reconciling with his brother, which was nominated in the category Best Live Action Short Film. Your odds are good that nobody at the party saw it.

Yeah, because when people think of Norway, they think BBQ.

Go ahead with your barbecue and say it represents “War Horse” and see if anyone eats it.

Or serve Grape-Nuts and go with “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.”

Darn it. Meant to add:

Or stick with “Dragon Tattoo” and go with Dragon Soup, made with chicken, shrimp, shredded carrot, bean sprouts, kale or cabbage, chicken stock, soy sauce, sriracha, more garlic, noodles. I don’t know if soup is a party food, but it’s a good fit.

Thanks for the ideas … I think I’m going to settle on making something traditionally Swedish for Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Found a recipe for Swedish Meat Pies that looks safe and semi-interesting.