Food based on classic books or movies

My friend got a book of cocktails based on works of literature. I believe it’s Tequila Mockingbird. Now she is going to have a party featuring said drinks, and “food based on classic movies.”

She invited us guests to bring something. I don’t drink so that is out. I also don’t read much or watch classic movies :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, maybe I have read some and seen some classic movies, I just can’t think of anything off the top of my head. All I can come up with is something with KETCHUP IN RYE…which, unless I flesh it out, is not yet appealing.

I’m sure you all have a lot of great ideas of food that is a pun on classic books or movies.

Please nothing spicy or with seafood.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Soylent Green?

Going off of your OP, it looks like you’re looking for movie- or book-based pun foods, rather than foods from books or movies.

You could take baked potatoes carved to look like penises (The Great Dictator).

Black bread shaped like a horse’s head (The Dark Knight Rises).

A pie with cutouts in the crust so it looks like a compass (North by Northwest).

A bunch of beef jerky stuck together to look like a big shoe (Das Boot).

A Clockwork Orange kind of explains itself.

You said nothing spicy, so it’s tricker to do Some Like It Hot.
If, instead, you’re looking for food FROM classic TV and Movies…

Big bowl of boiled eggs (Cool Hand Luke)

Apple pie (American Pie)

How about a chicken salad sandwich where you hold the chicken between your knees?

Several from Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, like “From Russia with Buzz” and “Mission to Marzipan”.

Duck Soup.



  • Fight Club Sandwich.
  • The Breakfast Club Sandwich.
  • The Silence of the Lamb Chops
  • Anatomy of a Burger
  • Ratatouille


  • Ice Cream: Vanilla Sky and Rocky Road
  • Casablancmange
  • Blue Velvet Cake
  • Se7en Up (That’s a two-fer)


Just get an apple pie, cut a hole in the middle of it, and call it “American Pie”.

Maybe a dollop of whipped cream where the hole is cut out.

Grapes of Wrath – no changes needed

A Raisin in the Sun – better put out a whole bowl though.

Sundae, Bloody Sundae – provide strawberry or raspberry topping

and, of course, provide Tequila Sunrises

I miss ‘Dinner and a Movie’ that used to be on TBS. Paul, Annabel, and Chef Claude Mann ‘cooked’ a dish somehow connected to the movie being shown. I have two of the cookbooks, here are a few things:

“The Jerk” - ‘What A Jerk Chicken’ (technically spicy, but you can tone it way down - chicken wings, or a dip)
“Groundhog Day” - ‘Deja Vu Twice-Baked Potatoes’
“An Officer and a Gentleman” - ‘Drop and Give Me 20 Bean Salad’
“Flashdance” - ‘Jennifer’s Steamin’ Pork Buns with Oh, What a Filling’ (they sell these frozen in Asian markets)
“The Wedding Singer” - ‘It’s A Nice Day for a White Pudding’
“Vegas Vacation” - ‘Wayne’s Newtons’
“Star Wars” - ‘Obi-Wan Cannoli’
“Road House” - ‘Swayze’s Cracked Ribs and Black Eyed Peas’
“Blazing Saddles” - ‘Wilder West Chile with Madeline Con Carne’ (again, tone down)

Ever see the movie “Big Night”? The ultimate food movie, IMHO. The climax involves an impressive Italian delicacy called a Timpano:

When my wife and I went to see the first Hunger Games movie, I went to the theater’s concession stand and asked for a large lamb stew with dried apricots over rice. Good thing I was wearing a Hunger Games T-shirt and the girl behind the counter had read the book (this got a laugh out of her), as we found out shortly thereafter that this dish is never mentioned by name in the movie.

[spoiler]In the book, when Caesar Flickerman puts Katniss on the spot during her interview by asking her what she loves most about the Capital, she says she loves the food the most (it’s the best answer she can come up with, as Katniss actually loathes everything about the Capital), and is particularly fond of the lamb stew over rice.

Later, during the Games themselves, Haymitch sends lamb stew to Katniss and Peeta via silver parachute as a reward for making the right decisions. The dish shows up a few more times over the remainder of the series, most notably in a stash of canned food the rebels find concealed in a Capital apartment during the revolution depicted in Mockingjay.[/spoiler]

When the film showed in Cambridge, MA, one group sponsored a “Big Night” dinner, at which each attendee got their own “mini-timpano”

Excellent, thanks! I might need to go look for them cookbooks.

I looked at the Timpano recipe. It looks impressive! I’ve never seen Big Night, though. I have until the end of March, perhaps I should seek it out :slight_smile:

Thanks, all, for your ideas so far.

A number of craft beers wound up called “1420” based on The Lord of The Rings.

Harry Potter - treacle tart, pumpkin pasties, shepherd’s pie, Every Flavor jellybeans

The Godfather - cannoli, spaghetti sauce

Winnie the Pooh - something with honey - maybe good bread with honey butter or honey glazed ham or chicken wings

Paddington - marmalade - maybe with scones or English muffins, or make marmalade bread

Gone With the Wind - barbecue, turnips

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - candy

Sweeny Todd - meat pies

The Blues Brothers - four fried chickens and a Coke

“Silence of the Lamb Chops”

“The Big Beefbowski”

“The Iceman Cometh to Provide Us with Gelato”

James Bond favorites:

Caviar on toast points


Vesper cocktail

Vodka martini (shaken, not stirred)

Eggs Piz Gloria

Fish with red wine

Bacon and eggs

Plain toast, yogurt, stewed prunes, and coffee, very black