Food oil question

I had a pre-made infused oil: it was grapeseed, infused with a number of Italian flavors (chilis, basil. garlic, etc) and it was wonderful.

I was going to mix up a new batch (it ain’t that hard!) but screwed up and picked up peanut oil instead.

Think it would make much difference in the flavor?

Also, do oils mix? Olive oil would overpower the other ingredients used alone, but as an accent?



I think it will taste different. Personally, I find that I can really taste the “peanut” flavor in peanut oil, while other oils are more subtle. Will it be bad? I dunno, but it will probably taste different from the first one you made.

Also, I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure that two different types of oils won’t mix.

It may not be an issue for you, but I thought I’d toss out that grapeseed oil has a pretty high smoke point as compared to your other common cooking oils.

I think they’d mix quite well, and as long as one was of a neutral flavor, they shouldn’t clash. Experiment by mixing just a bit of each kind and give it a taste test on crusty bread.

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I don’t think that you will be disapointed with the peanut oil. As a rule I find that it tends to complement but not overpower. That said, if you didn’tbuy that much and have a system that you know you like, I say go get the other oil and keep the peanut oil for something else…

Also, blendinng oils is very common. I am specifically thinking of the 10% that we used in the restarant which was 10% olive oil and 90% canola IIRC>

Be VERY VERY CAREFUL if you do this. It’s incredibly easy to breed botulism when making infused oil at home, especially with chiles and garlic. Personally, I’d leave it to the experts.

This would be news to me. How do you make your oils that this is an issue?

I’m not sure of the exact specifics, but apparently if the oil isn’t kept refrigerated and used within a week of making it, botulism can develop.

If you pickle the garlic first, it’s safer, but I still wouldn’t do it. When Alton Brown says it’s too dangerous for him to do, I figure I don’t have any business getting near it.

Here’s a link from the University of Illinois Ag Extension Service:

Infused Oils- More Than Herbs in Those Bottles
Oil Infusions and the Risk of Botulism
Safely Making Chile Oil

From this thread: How can I infuse olive oil?

This is a meme that the Foodnetwork* and the CDC have been propagating: since oil is an anerobic environment, it’s possible for botulism to grow. And I’ve always been botulism-phobic, I was on Brianjedi’s side…

However, since a bit of research (and a lost bet with a friend, dammit) shows that only 110 cases of botulism are reported in the US per year(!), and 3/4s of those cases are infant botulism, I think I’ll take my chances. :wink: :smiley:

Plus, I’m using dried herbs, not fresh, so the risk should be even lower.

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*which (unlike Brian’s comment), has bordered on the raving loonie hysterical about it

Thanks for not calling me crazy.

I’m just trying to watch out for my fellow human. Especially one who knows way too much about comics for us to lose to botulism.

Nah, yer not crazy and I appreciate the warning–it’s a legit fear, just (IMO) terribly overblown on the Food Network (and thanks!)


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