Foods with State Names

Not sure why this question came to mind. Anyway, do all 50 U.S. states have a food with that name? I do not mean cities - there are plenty of those. Just states (or provinces, if you are so inclined).

  • California roll
  • Texas Toast
  • Virginia Ham
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • Idaho Potatoes
  • Georgia Peaches
  • Baked Alaska


Florida Oranges
California Raisins

Washington Apples? Less sure of that one
Nebraska Corn? Again, not certain of that one.

Alabama Slamma if we’re allowed to include adult beverages as food

Wisconsin Cheese, is that a thing?

Some of those are because they are originating in that state:

  • Idaho Potatoes
  • Georgia Peaches
    and maybe
  • Virginia Ham
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken
    So I could add Maine Lobster to that particular list, and I’ve seen “Washington state apples”. Vermont maple syrup?

New Mexico green (and red) chiles.

Hawaiian Pizza
Vermont Cheddar Cheese
New York Cheesecake (Although technically it’s probably named for the city)
Maybe North Carolina Barbecue (which itself is divided into different styles in the eastern and western parts of the state)
Possibly other regional styles of barbecue, although I can’t think of any others named for a specific state. I guess Kansas City Barbecue has “Kansas” in it, even if it’s actually named for a city.

I missed the edit window, but I believe Michigan Cherries are a thing as well.

Thats funny, I was looking in my cupboard, staring at a bottle of maple syrup clearly labeled “Vermont” and wondering why when lobsters come from Vermont and syrup comes from Maine:smack:

I should go lay down before I hurt myself

If adult beverages count then Kentucky Bourbon would probably count.

And Jack Daniels bills itself as “Tennessee Whiskey”, so maybe that counts.

I vaguely recall someone here recently asking about . . . Texas burgers? Something definitely never seen in whatever state it was named after, if it wasn’t Texas.

Empire apples are named for the Empire State, New York

What about a whole country, canadian bacon(in the US anyway)

Maryland crab cakes?

Tabasco Sauce
Valencia oranges
Kashmiri Naan

Mississippi mud pie.

Hawaiian isn’t a place. Maybe a state of mind though! The Hawaii braddahs and sistas know what I mean! :smiley:

Redondos, a local company calls their hotdogs Hawaiian Winners. I vaguely recall hearing why a long time ago, but forgot the story.

Well, Chicken Maryland, for sure. Served at the last lunch aboard the Titanic.

OK, we have acceptable entries (some multiple - keep them coming) for:

New York

Nebraska corn and Wisconsin cheese seem not specific enough - too generic. New Mexico chiles? Agree - Hawaiian is not a state - that one is iffy.

How about chili Colorado?
Arizona tea

Ah! Another one, this time from a Canadian province: Nova Scotia salmon, a form of lox. From its Wikipedia page:

(Emphasis added by me.)

Nothing for Nevada. Move along, nothing to see here…

Arkansas Rice